Just some geek who spends [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife some time here]] instead of going out.
So far no contributions I guess...

Tropes I resemble:
{{Brilliant But Lazy}} - Very lazy, but I can be a hard worker too, especially if it's something that catches my curiosity

{{Loners Are Freaks}} - Ditto.

Will add more stuff when I have some free time - If I won't be feeling lazy that is...
Okay I guess it's time for adding more stuff, here goes.

Anime viewed [[TVTropesWillEnhanceYourLife Thanks to TVTropes]]:
* {{Azumanga Daioh}}
* {{Busou Renkin}}
* {{Clannad}}
* {{Fate Stay Night}}
* {{Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha}}
* {{Mai-Hi ME}}
* {{Mai-Otome}}

Games I played/am playing:
* {{Arcana Heart}}
* {{Endless Frontier}} (playing this a second time until EXCEED gets translated I hope)
* {{Golden Sun}}
* {{Luminous Arc}}
* {{Luminous Arc 2}}
* {{Melty Blood}}
* {{Riviera The Promised Land}}
* {{Touhou Project}}(mainly Hisotensoku and UFO, I'm not like those crazy players that complete the shooters on lunatic, but I manage to complete Normal mode at the 20th time or so :P)
* {{Yggdra Union}}
* {{Guilty Gear}} (XX:Reload)