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Tropers: Zeta Seal

Alternatively known as Alpha, Beta, Omega and any other Greek letter you may care to tack on as a prefix.

I like and could probably talk your ear off about:

Please leave any bills, notices of eviction, love letters, tropes, and any other comments and concerns to be ignored at my leisure.

AOD's Corner

  • Yo Zetaseal I'm up in yo hizzle doing crizzle fo shizzle ma nizzle.

Not AOD's Corner

Shark Attack!

i'm in UR userpage returnin' the favour ~ Little Serge

Hi. I will be staying here on your userpage for no more than three days.

William Wide Web: So are the real parts of your zeroes all 1/2? (ignoring -2n)

Ironeye: Bad William! No jokes that only half a dozen of us will get! Also, She's Not My Girlfriend, Noimporta. Yeah, I'm glaring in your general direction.

Tzetze: ...I understood it... >_> There's no Riemann, though. Or "function". And what would a seal on R-Z be like? Huh, some kind of mathomancy *rambles for an hour*

English Ivy: You are not the inventor of ಠ_ಠ

Lemurian: Hello. Just passing through...

Jinxed Blackcat: M Other! :D

Mac Phisto saw your "personal" ad on the Troper Shipping page.

Ryumaru: Saw the thing on the Troper Dating Service page, clicked the link, and decided I had to talk to you. The ReBoot thing alone did it, but the video game music... wow. Oh, God, I hope that didn't come across as creepy....

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