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Hi there!

I'm Zero Dark Flirty, and welcome to my humble abode. The page is currently under construction, so I apologize for the possible lousy formatting. Anyways, enjoy your stay!

About Me

  • Sex: Yes? (Male, last time I checked)
  • Age: Barely legal (18)
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Race: Japanese, Italian, and Argentine
  • Name: Now why would you need to know that?
  • Schooling: Freshman, College (Film major)
  • Personality Type: INFJ (Caregiver/Diplomat)
  • Religion: Other
  • Political Alignment: I've been told I'm a moderate, but I lean towards Liberal.


  • Wattpad: Same as here
  • Youtube: Zero Dark Flirty Gaming
  • Steam: Rick Mc Grimes (no spaces)


If you have something to say, it goes here.

Zero's Favorites

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Zero's Friends

Note: Friends are ranked on a scale of one to ten, based on how well I know them. If you would like to complain about your ranking, please consult my Troper Wall. I hope to add more, guys!

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