Both a troper and a member of AlternateHistoryDotCom from UsefulNotes/{{Slovakia}}.

His troper nickname references [[GeniusBonus his home region, which lies in eastern Slovakia]]... [[CaptainObvious and the fact that he likes medieval history]]...


'''Likes / Is interested in :'''
* Quality books in general, with AlternateHistory, ScienceFiction and various Non-fiction being his favourite literary genres
* Good storytelling, both {{troperrific}} and [[DeconstructorFleet subversive]]
* [[DontExplainTheJoke A good joke]] [[RuleOfFunny once in a while]]
* {{Stealth Based Game}}s (especially ''VideoGame/{{Thief}}''), NintendoHard tactical shooters (''VideoGame/{{SWAT 4}}'', ''VideoGame/OperationFlashpoint''), [[SimulationGame aircraft and racing sims]] (e.g. ''{{Il-2 Sturmovik}}''), a good {{RPG}} (''VideoGame/MountAndBlade'', ''VideoGame/ArcanumOfSteamworksAndMagickObscura'') and/or SurvivalHorror game every now and then (I was enamored by the ''{{VideoGame/Penumbra}}'' series)
* The history of TheMiddleAges and WorldWarOne and the history of aviation
* Historical sightseeing (especially fond of castles, churches and monasteries) and active volunteer work on the conservation of precious historical ruins (mostly of castles in his home region).
* ClockPunk, SteamPunk, DieselPunk... hell, any well executed PunkPunk ! ;-) Oh, and {{Sky Pirate}}s ! :-)
* UsefulNotes/{{ESA}} - I've even created the UsefulNotes page for it over here on Tv Tropes.
* UnkemptBeauty - Not that he minds SheCleansUpNicely, but a makeup-less face and somewhat unkempt hair seem more natural and attractive to him.

'''Dislikes :'''
* [[TheOnlyRighteousIndexOfFanatics Both secular and religious fanaticism and blind unquestioning faith of any stripe and kind]]
* [[TheWarOnStraw The use of strawman arguments]]
* RoseTintedNarrative [[TheThemeParkVersion portrayals]] [[HollywoodHistory of history]]
* AlternateHistoryWank and [[{{Munchkin}} Munchkining]]
* Any DocumentaryOfLies (he refers to them as "cockumentaries")
* FanDumb and {{Shipping}}
* [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Most soup recipes and artistically sub-par music]]

!!Tropes about him :
* AllergicToRoutine: [[ZigZaggingTrope Sometimes I play this straight, sometimes I don't.]]
* BerserkButton : Has several, [[SingleIssueWonk some of them pretty weird]]. However, many of them are reasonable ones. He abhorrs verbal or physical abuse of people, particularly women and children. ''[[PapaWolf Don't even consider doing any of it in front of him.]]''
* CaliforniaDoubling: One of the amateur live-action films he made once had various locations in east Slovakia stand in for the central parts of the country... ''[[DuringTheWar in the 1940s]], [[UpToEleven no less !]]''
* CanonWelding : Has a certain fetish for it when it comes to his own literary works, but prefers to not use it too overtly.
* CelebCrush: Admittedly, has a very shy one for Creator/JennaColeman, to the point of blushing anytime he sees her on television. Unlike many crushes of this sort, his interest in Coleman stems at least as much from her personality and demeanor as it does from her looks.
* CrazyPrepared : Made this into an everyday habit of sorts, but sometimes [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption he isn't as prepared for everything as he'd like to be]].
* DangerouslyGenreSavvy : Shows off this ability of his quite often, sometimes to BeyondTheImpossible levels.
* DeadpanSnarker: Predominantly of the jovial, GentlemanSnarker variety.
* EntryPimp / SerialTweaker : Both on this very wiki and on other online projects (including his own).
* FanOfThePast : Not in the science fiction sense, but he is one. However, he doesn't like [[RoseTintedNarrative overly idealised]], [[BlackAndWhiteMorality black and white]] or [[CriticalResearchFailure badly]] [[ArtisticLicense researched]] portrayals of it.
* FriendToAllLivingThings: A few animal and plant species annoy me, but I'm not on the warpath with any of them. I think everything has a place on our planet. Why would any species, extinct or extant, evolve in the first place, if it didn't have a natural purpose ? BTW, I tend to be annoyed by naive and unscientific GranolaGirl approaches to nature. Nature should not be judged by human morality. Then again, that doesn't mean that human morality is incompatible with it and should go on the chopping block. Things need to be understood in context and without romanticization, sweeping generalizations or trivialization.
* FunPersonified: As life can often be dull and many people appreciate his good sense of humour, he tries to live up to this trope.
* GentlemanAndAScholar: A more contemporary form of the trope, obviously. This is how he prefers to act and think of himself.
* HasAType: Smart, brown-eyed, gentle-faced ladies of his age and height, or slightly shorter. Brunettes as well as redheads, though mostly brunettes. (Could explain the aforementioned CelebCrush...)
* MadLibsCatchphrase: Has several that he uses from time to time on
* NiceGuy: Of course, YourMileageMayVary, depending on how you view me. It can get subverted when I [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold occassionally get grumpy or slightly neurotic]], but I hope I live up to this ideal most of the time...
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot : Not him, though he likes to have fun with the concept or ridicule it if it seems to go too over the top. One of the older jocular discussion threads on started by him basically went "What If : [[StupidJetpackHitler Tech]]-[[AlternateHistoryWank wanking]] cyborg Nazis vs. Roman airship squadron vs. zombie ninja motorbikers". [[RefugeInCool Yeah...]]
* NoBudget: Most of his filmmaking endeavours. Hey, a hobby is a hobby... Hasn't stopped him from making a seriously toned drama short.
* NonActionGuy: Not always, but still 98 % of the time.
* OneOfUs: Given the contents of this page, I guess this should go without saying... However, my occassional nerdiness is not too overt.
* TheSmartGuy : PlayedForLaughs when he occasionally [[StealthParody pretends]] [[SarcasmMode to be]] an InsufferableGenius.
* [[SociallyAwkwardHero Socially Awkward Fellow]]: Not to a debilitating degree, but he's definitely a shy and somewhat introverted person even when otherwise cheerfully socialising. Doesn't suffer from CannotTalkToWomen, etc., but can certainly be a bit of an ApologisesALot ShrinkingViolet.
* SophisticatedAsHell: Like you wouldn't believe ! [[GoshDangItToHeck Mostly of the polite variety, though]], on both sides of the spectrum.
* TheStoic : Quite a bit.
* TechnicalPacifist: Doesn't use physical violence as long as there's still a reasonably non-violent way of resolving things.
* TextualCelebrityResemblance: Looks like a blend of [[Characters/BlackBooks Dylan Moran]] and [[{{dissimile}} beardless, glassless]] Creator/SethRogen.

!!Work done on TV Tropes so far :

* ''{{Colin McRae Rally}}'' - founded the page
* ''RichardBurnsRally'' - founde the page
* ''RallyTrophy'' - founded the page
* ''MestoTienov'' - founded the page
* ''{{ARMA}}'' - founded the page
* ''OperationFlashpointCodemasters'' - founded the page
* ''OperationFlashpoint'' - contributing trope entries, the page picture, reorganizing and moving the tropes of the two {{Spiritual Successor}}s to their own pages
* ''{{Thief}}'' - contributing trope entries, the page picture and most of the character page (still a work in progress)
* ''{{IL-2 Sturmovik}}'' - major tweaker when the page was in its infancy, also contributed the page picture
* {{UsefulNotes/Slovakia}} - adding more details to the history section and major contributions to tropes about the country and its appearances in fiction
* {{UsefulNotes/Slovaks With Sappers}} - founded the page
* AlastairReynolds - large contributions to the trope entries section
* BBCHistoricalFarmSeries - started the page and added most of its contents so far
* AHDotComEternals - founded the page
* UsefulNotes/{{ESA}} - founded the page