-> We do stuff with math, and then stuff happens.
-->-- ''A demonstration of my explaining skills.''

-> Okay, here's the plan. You distract them, and I teach the kid all the English curse words I know before my brother notices.
-->-- ''Me preparing to meet my nephew for the first time''

!About Me

I'm one of those people that thinks something is a brilliant idea, then the next day they're absolutely sure that it was the most idiotic thing to ever be stupid. That's why after disappearing forever, I rewrote this whole page the moment I came back. Except the vandalisms. I kept those.

Anyway, about me:
* I am a Polish girl that used to live in America, but now lives in Poland again. Hi.
* I am 15, and in Polish 9th Grade, which is the equivalent of American 10th Grade.
* I try to write, but have never finished anything other than short stories for English class.
* I have a tendency to use too many quotes in everyday conversation. Blame my mother, she does it more than me.
* I either say something stupid or think I say something stupid every minute. Yes, even when I am completely silent. It's a miracle.
* I need extra help in THREE subjects at the moment (since I learned Polish from talking to my mom, and we didn't exactly spend lots of time discussing alkanes or verb conjugation or optical science or whatever AND since apparently stuff is harder in Poland), any time I have to do something I find out the minute before I have to go, and I sometimes just don't feel like talking to people on a forum, so... don't expect a regular posting schedule from me. Just don't.
* I'm good at remembering stuff, but only if I'll never need it.
* I once had to sing the Star Spangled Banner for music class. I asked my aunt (Polish, lived in australia for a while) to listen as I practice. I then sang Bohemian Rhapsody to the tune of the American Anthem, and am now almost incapable of singing either song correctly. And yes, she believed me.

[[folder:I have tropes!]]
* BrilliantButLazy- Apparently. Well, apparently brilliant. I'm definitely lazy.
* FlatWhat- Ah, my favorite thing to say.
* MoodSwinger- Yeah...
* TrueArtIsIncomprehensible- Best Art Class failure explanation? Yes, yes it is.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood- Spaghetti and orange tictacs. Not at the same time.
* BerserkButton- The You-Have-No-Right-To-Complain-If-There-Is-One-Person-In-The-Universe-Suffering-More-Than-You thing. And people who can't accept that mistakes happen.
* RapunzelHair- I used to have this. Then I cut it. Now I still have it, but less.
* HeadphonesEqualIsolation- Or increasing loudness until I can't pretend I can't hear someone anymore, it depends.
* DeadpanSnarker- Less so on the internet, but in RealLife sarcasm is the answer to about half the questions people ask me. (The stupid half. Yes, there's enough stupid questions for that.)
* IHaveManyNames- I can think of six different ways to say my name, and that's when I limit myself to the existing ones and not the ones my parents made up.(That's very easy in Polish.). Then there's all my childhood nicknames that somehow stuck.
* GrammarNazi- I helped my mom learn English when we moved to America. I was ''encouraged'' to correct people for every little grammar mistake. It's automatic by now. Sorry.
* AdultsAreUseless- After too many 'next time I'll definitely help with the problem that's been going on for ''a year'''s you tend to develop that way of thinking. Thanks, middle school!
* SuckySchool- My middle school. I ended up begging my mom to move out of state when the chance appeared. I didn't know anyone where I was going. I did not care.
* AfraidOfNeedles- this... does not require explanation.
* RuleOfFunny- I often come up with the stupidest ways to convince people to do what I want. They're ridiculous, they have no chance of working, but I still actually try the plan, just because it's funny.
* Other stuff I didn't find yet. This is a work in progress too.
[[folder:Stuff I like]]
* Homestuck
* Queen
* Spaghetti
* You know what, no. I am not going to bother. This list changes far to often. I give up. Goodbye. The list may change in the future, but don't count on it. In fact, this might be months old and I might despise all these things at the time you read this. Sorry.

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