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Tropers: Xerizero Re 9010
Bow down before the almighty Tyrant Overlord of Earth, bring me all your spaghett— aw who am I kidding?

Xerizero Re 9010 is that weird dude you meet that one day who is secretly an aspiring author / artist that has his own trademark series Starlit Heroics (along with its fanfiction-ingrained spinoff Legend Of The Rising Star and miscellaneous third story Tale Of A Sun And Moon) that he slaves over day and night to make really good.

He knows more video games and shows than his lifespan should allow and tries to learn from their shortcomings and strengths to constantly improve upon Starlit Heroics and become a better dude in general. So essentially, when someone asks "what's the point of looking so hard into this?", he'll respond with a hefty "Because it helps a lot more than you think."

Doesn't actually remember when he came to TV Tropes, but he can regale you about stuff if you come here bored one day. Down below is a list of things (along with chapter counts of stories I've written) I have seen during the years, with bolded entries referenced/used in Legend of the Rising Star.

Also, the video game section is humoungous, just warning you now.

Starlit Heroics stories:

List of things I have seen and liked enough to put them on the list:


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