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Do not try to convince me into thinking that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is supposed to be a good show because doing so will come off as you acting like a Barney fanboy to me. This is because of my belief that every single brony is a Barney fan. NO EXCEPTIONS. Even if you say you aren't and no matter your appearance to make yourself seem one who wouldn't watch Barney, it only incriminates you further of being one who does.

That's just a stereotype of me on TV Tropes. As in, my belief that all bronies are Barney fans is firmly rooted, but I don't obsess over this belief every second of my life, even though Barney's presence taunts me as I go through my life day-to-day. In real life, I'm a more metal-type guy that likes horror media like Tales from the Crypt as well as the music of Cannibal Corpse. I also like cartoons. Here is some of the stuff I like:

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    Things that Barney has ruined for me 

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