@/{{whitetigah}} (spelled without the capital W): an anime, tv show and book obsessed twenty-four-year-old [[strike:student]] from Italy. I've found this wiki via a google search ("travelling at the speed of plot"; I ended up, quite predictably, at TravelingAtTheSpeedOfPlot - and it was the first result too!), started reading it, and couldn't stop.

You can TrustMeImADoctor. (NotThatKindOfDoctor, however.)

ThisTroper is a RealLife example of:

* BewareTheNiceOnes
* BlindWithoutEm
* TheQuietOne
* {{Otaku}} (a HumongousMecha Otaku, to be exact)
* {{Geek}}
* {{Masquerade}} (my RealLife friends must never, ever know how much of a geek I am)
* CatchPhrase:
** "...not."
** "X DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!" (taken from ''{{Futurama}}'')

and is to blame for the following pages:

* UnwantedRescue -- YKTTW.
* DaiNoDaibouken -- started it.
* SoLongSuckers -- YKTTW, name for the trope and first writeup.
* {{Oni}} -- started it.
* TakingYouWithMe -- some examples and first writeup.
* PaperinikNewAdventures -- started it.
* DrunkenMaster -- first writeup.
* BiggerStick -- YKTTW and first writeup.
* ProfessorLaytonAndTheCuriousVillage -- started it, now redirects to ProfessorLayton.
* MacrossFrontier -- started it.
* TraumaInducedAmnesia -- YKTTW, name for the trope and first writeup.
* PrivateMilitaryContractors -- YKTTW, name for the trope and first writeup.
* GenesisOfAquarion -- started it.
* TheAnimeOfTheGame -- YKTTW.
* OneOfUs -- YKTTW.
* CantHoldHisLiquor -- YKTTW and first writeup.
* {{Shiritori}} -- first writeup.
* CantLiveWithoutYou -- YKTTW, name for the trope and first writeup.

Because of RealLife concerns he's going to be on a semi-hiatus (not completely inactive, but not exactly active either) starting October 2010.