"Wheezy" debuted on November 7, 1990. It tells the story of CS Jones, a [[TheQuietOne quiet]] StarvingArtist whose internet handle, derived from a high school nickname, provides the current working title.

The "show" is notable for its unusual format - it's made entirely in RealLife, in RealTime, and features no script or direction. The cast, crew, and audience are just whoever happen to wander in. Little of it has been written about, little moving footage of it is known to exist, and it's gone completely unadvertised, although various [[ShowWithinAShow spinoff stories]], {{character blog}}s, and pieces of ConceptArt [[http://instagram.com/thecsjones have been posted online]], to decent reception.

Production began in the D.C. metro area, then moved to central Florida 10 years through its run due to ExecutiveMeddling and cost concerns. With the move came a HalfwayPlotSwitch that took the series in a DarkerAndEdgier direction. This was widely considered a mistake. 15 years later, it relocated again to [[UsefulNotes/{{Philadelphia}} South Philadelphia]], where it's currently set.

Since then, it's received mixed reviews, and although it may have developed a small cult following in the areas where it's produced (it's hard to tell), many have also dismissed it as "depressing," "too self-indulgent," and "lacking focus." However, all of the cast involved have been praised for their extremely convincing performances [[AsHimself as themselves]].

!!"Wheezy" Provides Examples Of

* AbortedArc: The "college" arc ended very early in its run. This may have been a good thing, because it's believed it was just leading up to a "BurgerFool Job" arc.
** The "starting a band arc" has popped up a few times throughout the late '00s and early '10s, with a different supporting cast each time, but has never gone anywhere.
** The "first full-time job" arc also joined the list after only two weeks. The "second full-time job" arc didn't fare much better, at two months.
** The NewYorkCity arc also lasted only three months. It was planned to last at least several years.
* AntiNihilist: He hopes he is this.
* AscendedExtra: Two of Jones's former roommates, who started out as two background characters from an "anime club" sideplot.
* BigApplesauce: The production moved to Brooklyn from October 2012 to January 2013. However, due to dwindling funds, it ended up back in Florida. The arc was described as possibly the most interesting thus far, but also one of the darkest.
* UsefulNotes/BipolarDisorder: Vicious and very rapid-cycling. In hindsight, has fundamentally shaped the course of the whole story. Not treated until the Philly arc.
* BrotherChuck: Many of the characters throughout all the arcs. See ShortLivedBigImpact for one example.
* CartesianKarma: For a few things he's done or said to people during bipolar episodes.
* ComingOfAge: This seems to be the overarching plot of the "Florida" arc.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: The soundtrack, which spans all genres and features tracks contributed by thousands of artists, has been described as one of the highlights of the production.
* CruelAndUnusualDeath: One of Jones's uncles. [[TakeOurWordForIt This will not be discussed further.]]
* DemotedToExtra: A common fate for cast members, most notably Jones's first girlfriend, his childhood best friend, most of his family, and almost everyone he knew in high school.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Jones's first girlfriend had a very brief uncredited one four years before being properly introduced.
* EmptyFridgeEmptyLife: This was the case for a most of the time Jones lived in his own apartment.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: A few characters that played minor roles during the high school and college arcs ended up as this for years afterwards, even the ones who never returned to the show.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: In early 2012, during the "moving out" arc.
* FamilyUnfriendlyAesop: The moral of two subplots seems to be that love does not conquer all.
* KudzuPlot: It is often criticized for this.
* LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain: Don't ask him about a certain subplot from 2015.
* LongLostUncleAesop: Jones's second girlfriend and a few distant family members.
** Update: The second girlfriend had a cameo three years later. It was a pleasant chat.
* MythArc: The "Learning to Draw" arc has been running since 1993, and the "Learning to Write" arc since '95. The "Photography" arc, which started in '97, seems to have been the last major one. All three are still ongoing, with no sign of being cancelled.
* NoAntagonist
* ShortLivedBigImpact: Melissa, a minor character from the high school arc who appeared in the series for less than three weeks before [[BrotherChuck vanishing without a trace]], and received little CharacterDevelopment beyond a single anecdote about her horrifically AbusiveParents and NightmareDreams. However, she left such an impact that one of the [[ShowWithinAShow stories within the story]], written years later, features a protagonist that's almost a direct {{expy}} of her.
* StoryWithinAStory: The series has spawned several examples of type 1, some of which have been {{defictionalized}}:
** [[Webcomic/YumeHime Yume-Hime]]
** [[https://www.facebook.com/notes/cs-jones/confession/462903327119047 Confession]]
** [[http://www.scribd.com/doc/232846385/Fireball-Pilot Fireball (Pilot)]]
** [[http://thatguyyoumetonce.deviantart.com/art/Ganzfeld-Pilot-Script-324927739 Ganzfeld (Pilot)]]
* TrashOfTheTitans: Two of the places Jones has lived since leaving home. The mess was all his roomates', fortunately. Or unfortunately.
* TropeCodifier: An in-universe example. During the "TvTropes obsession subplot" that mostly ran during the college arc, Jones wrote the following articles for ThisWiki:
** Cut: WhatDoYouMeanHesNotLikeable
** DrosteImage
** YKTTW: Dead Horse Joke
** WordPureeTitle
** {{Portmantitle}}
** ReviewerStockPhrases
** GutturalGrowler
** YKTTW: Household Name
** CityNoir
** SoUnfunnyItsFunny
** JerkJustifications
** PolishTheTurd
** EldritchLocation
** DoomedProtagonist
** WordSaladPhilosophy
** SurrealHumor
** NightmareFace
** MachoMasochism
** YKTTW: Shift to Horror
** Cut: RaceToTheBottomOfTheBarrel
** SensoryAbuse
** ComplimentFishing
** AdDissonance
** BrokenAce (Thanks to Tropers/MeganPhntmGrl for launching and {{Wiki Magic}}ing the hell out of it, though. I'd entirely forgotten about it.)
** HumbleGoal
** GhettoName
** SlowTransformation
** MentalStory
** LethalKlutz
** SuicideDare
** OffingTheAnnoyance


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