Well, hello this is my page;

I am a troper from the United Kingdom who lives in the North of England. I am currently an accounting student who hopes to be an accountant

[[folder:Tropes that describe me]]

* OopNorth: Oh yeah defo, a big part of my identity too
* GrimUpNorth: InvertedTrope, I live near the freaking Lake District
* TransGendered: Yes I am a MtF Lesbian

[[folder:What other people think of me expressed as tropes]]
* BritishEnglish (Naturally.) -{{@/Ozbourne}}
* {{Crazy Awesome}}: Yes. Deal with it. - @/{{Punkreader}}
* NiceGuy: I believe it is true - @/{{lolacat}}
* PrettyCoolGuy: I think Vandalsim is a pretty cool guy. Eh posts on forum games and doesn't afraid of anything - @/KarlKadaver
* UnderstandingBoyfriend: Not ''my'' boyfriend, [[labelnote:mind you]]let the shipping commence![[/labelnote]], but you give off this sort of vibe, I think. - @/BooleanEarth
* you are TheRockStar. its you. ;] ~{{Tropers/squiddleTron}}
* BobFromAccounting : averted.~{{Tropers/mellochan42}}


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* ...which I just did. AW SNOP. --[[@/{{Tre}} Tre.]]

I don't get nightmares [No signature, I am not a CardCarryingVillain]
* ...mark left, I guess. ~ @/ThatHuman

* Yo. Beer. How's da northlands? :P @/InhopelessGuy

* Hello, my boyfriend's girlfriend's boyfriend. =P -[[@/{{MegaMagikarp}} Your girlfriend's boyfriend's girlfriend]]

* Trick or treat! -@/MilosStefanovic

* [[{{Tropers/squiddleTron}} trick or treat!]] 8o There are no {{Tropers/squiddleTron}} edits here yet?? Well this is one. 8]

* Trick or Treat! -{{@/Ozbourne}}

* Trick or Treat! - @/KarlKadaver

* Your turn: trick or treat! - @/BooleanEarth

* Trick or treat! - @/{{Haldo}}

* I love your current 'Doctor Whooves' avatar! - @/{{SabrinaDiamond}}