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Tropers: Webs SOTE
"My Family is insane, and they think I'm the crazy one..."

Hi There! my Handle's Webs SOTE, but you can Call me Webs. Everyone does, at least on the Internet here. I am in the midsts of my senior year here in High School. SOTE stands for Sister Of The Earth. Don't ask--it's something only my friends would actually get.

I am the one of the Hosts, of course, of Trinity Tourney OCT. I am very shy around people, but pretty nice to be around once I get to know you. just Don't get on my nerves, Please. I try to avoid conflict, but I get really, really ugly when I'm angry.

This is still a work in progress for anybody just stumbling upon it, Please Pardon my Dust as I work on this page of mine. thanks! (as a note, stuff about my own characters is noted here as well in folders with their names. spoilers pertaining to them are covered up, so just as a warning to those who aren't my friends or are contestants who find this page And don't want to be spoiled, you know not to highlight em.

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[[folder:The Troper]]

Enjoys and Surfs the items in these Tropes:

  • Pokémon: as in the Game Series, loves the movies as well. Current Games played: Pokemon Black2and White 2.
  • Digimon: Rare pleasure to do so as of late. made my own Fake digis.
  • Kingdom Hearts: And IT SHOWS. Current game is Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, got started on this series by finding a GBA Version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories in a demolished Gameboy advance father picked up off the road on a trip...(which, if remembered correctly, actually still could turn on. the game was unscathed too)
  • Cybersix: Newest found for her. only seen the cartoon—Can't Read French
  • Trinity Tourney OCT: surfs and helps edit, mainly with any of her characters involved. ...having to refrain from putting in spoilers on that page due to that despite using the spoiler tag, the Nutjar Contestants would look anyways.
  • Disney Stuff, especially the theme parks and most movies. The attraction is probably due to her love of Fantasy genres and fairytales.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: a Pegasister, and likes the designs and colors of the show as well as the stories. trying to make a fanfic for it, but it's come to a slow grind due to a lot of work.
  • Literature. especially fantasy Fiction. A major bookworm, and a fast reader—can finish books IN A DAY.
  • Video Games. likes games with a good story, or just trivial ones that keep her attention. Logic ones, too.

Tropes that Generally relate to the Troper:

  • Bookworm: I love to Read, as stated before. I finish a book in a day due to it. it's one of my hobbies aside from Writing and Drawing.

  • Heroic Neutral: I'm normally a good person, I'd rather help people than long as they don't get on my nerves.

  • Brown Eyes

  • Curtains Match the Window

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Don't take kindness for weakness. I've got plenty of Switches, and I really won't hesitate to be blunt.

  • Berserk Button: I'm pretty relatable, and I'm usually laid back. Just don't Act like an Idiot or deliberately get on my nerves. Talking about me behind my back never works Well. (I have good ears when I hear my name). Fights and gossip over petty things, online and in real life, often pushes it way too far.

  • Named After Somebody Famous: All depends if you ever read the X-men Comics. My real first and middle name come from two characters featured in them.

  • The Quiet One: I never say a word unless talked to. I'm more chatty around people older than me.
  • Surrounded by Idiots/ Only Sane Man: . . .I think that describes itself.


Below this folder are folders for my characters, and the tropes that describe 'em. since I have a whole bunch stewing in my head, the ones listed here are the ones that I usually use along with tropes from alternate universe Ideas for them.

[[folder:Illy "Webs" R.]]

"There's people who use Darkness for Evil, there are people who destroy Darkness, and there are people who try to use it for good. Then There's Webs..."

Webs is the main and often used character of Webs SOTE, acting as the Mascot of her dA page, and so far, is the oldest creation-wise. She's a Magic Knight in all general, her specialty within Darkness and Earth-based abilities. She often goes more so by Webs more than her actual name, which she just rolls with, without question. Even without her elemental abilities, she can be quite the fighter and quick thinker—not to mention her Strength and size.

Tropes Relating to Webs (in General):

  • Dishing Out Dirt: A Sort of staple with her elemental abilities. This one was one she was born with and is common within her family. however, the odd one out is...

  • Casting a Shadow: Another staple of her abilities. Despite this, She does use it for good to prove that it isn't evil on its own, it all depends on its user.

  • Lightning Bruiser: The Girl hits hard, moves fast, and can probably endure mostly everything. And Heaven help you if you've pissed her off...

  • Battle Aura: a Dark Orange aura often surrounds her when using a spell along with her attacks. She gains a Shadow-y Purple Aura when she uses Darkness, but no matter what's being used, if She's Beyond Pissed off, It will always be red, turning darker the more she runs out of energy.

  • Let's Fight like Ladies: While Webs doesn't mind Dirty fighting against others in an unofficial, personal setting, She will Fight Fair and politely, and refuses to fight anyone not prepared for her kind of strength.

  • Thirteen Is Unlucky: For her, it often appears now and then whenever there's something relating to her. Most of the time, it brings her good luck instead.

  • Brown Eyes: Probably to mark the Elemental Power she was born with, along with how, despite her own fantasies and thoughts, is more down to earth with her honesty and thinking as well as taking some things slowly.

  • Big Eater: Especially with any SWEETS in the area. She will eat more when stressed or worried, often not aware of it.

  • Bookworm: she grew up with a taste for knowledge, and when not training, Webs is usually Reading. it's probably not a surprise, then, that her boyfriend is a much bigger, shyer bookworm. She normally does not look like she would be the one to read.

  • Weapon of Choice: Webs normally fights with a Stave with a small, three-pronged whip at one end, going for a Simple Defeat without too much injury when it comes to weapon fights with no magic. In Tournaments, even when she's the Big Good, she uses a Sword instead. Otherwise, she may just use her legs and fists to fight without using magic.

  • Personality Powers: Played Straight with her Earth element: She can be very stubborn, and tries to keep a clear head. Averted with her Darkness Element, Despite having it, she's normally happy, active, but laid back, and is cheerful.

  • Sweet Polly Oliver: Had been Done to Protect her Boyfriend, and mainly, herself.

  • Combat Pragmatist: While She is a Fair Fighter through and through...the minute her opponent starts cheating, she will hit back harder with her own tricks. Hey, she couldn't be that bad, right....?

  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Webs is Much taller than Victor, and is often taller than most of her friends and partners, especially her guy partners except for Terra.

  • Action Girl: Probably the Stronger out of the Two in this Character gallery. and likewise, when roles are flipped in certain stories, She is usually the Dark Action Girl...

  • Fluffy Tamer / Friend to All Living Things: Webs is often fascinated with Animals and is usually willing to help them and take care of them. This includes from the range of usual pets like Dogs and Cats, to helping with taming or befriending strange and dangerous beasts, including a Gorgo chick and its mother, and even a Sabertooth Tiger. She Is aware of risks and makes proper precautions when approaching animals, and will avoid any animal that is way too savage for her to connect with.

  • Trade Mark Favorite Food: For meat, there's Fried Chicken, For Ice Cream Flavor, there's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. for cake, there's Angel food Cake, or Red Velvet, for a group of food, she loves fruit, but given her Appetite and her tastes, she'll eat whatever is given or whatever she or someone else makes.

Tropes Relating to Webs (Kingdom Hearts):

  • Empathic Staff: Webs' Weapon of Choice Cannot be used to its full potential by other people, and will bring misfortune to anyone but her using it. ->"I think the last time someone tried to steal this thing, it smacked him in the nose hard."

  • Psychoactive Powers: Her Darkness attributes is basically this. As long as she doesn't lose control of her emotions, she doesn't lose control of her darkness. This Can be Really Bad If she's pushed Over the Edge.

  • The Empath: An opposite of Sora in this category. While he can "Reconnect" People and Connect his Heart with others, Webs Can "Unlock" and Bring out the potential—both good and bad—within the hearts of people, going with: "Whatever hides in the Shadows of a person's heart, she can unknowingly bring it to light". Usages of this power, however, often lead to a lot of pain for her, along with stress. (one of the signs of this is listed above as her Big Eater Habits).
    • Blessed with Suck: The good part of this is that it's easier for her to understand and cope with people. the Bad part of it is that she sees a lot of people's worst fears, memories and feels their pain and grief, often forcing her to feel the pain herself. What's worse is that she never tells anyone about it unless they're really close, in fear that no one would trust her.

  • Deadpan Snarker: In Contrast and in Comparison with Sora. Both are good-natured, but Webs can be cynically Sarcastic and more of a wise-ass when annoyed.

  • Invisible Parents: "When I got older, I saw my parents less and less. Now, I wonder if I'm the only one that sees 'em!"

  • One Head Taller: She is this to most of her partners, only being matched in Height by Riku, and only Dwarfed by Terra and Aqua.

  • Noodle Incident: "remember what happened on your 13th Birthday Party?"
    • " Shade, I thought I told you to never bring that disastrous day up again."

  • Rant Inducing Slight: happens with her once her temper has been tried one too many times.

  • Spanner in the Works: Due to her curiosity or her Instinct to help people in need, she can probably be this without knowing. It can be a whole toolbox thrown in if her Best friends or Partners Become involved.

  • This Is Gonna Suck: "Here comes another Great idea from the Rockhead about to go into action..."

  • Animal Motifs: Webs is often represented by a Raccoon, often earning the nickname "Web-Coon." To be more specific, Webs is more or less represented by a Tanuki Given that she also has the Motif mix of a Dog and a Raccoon...

  • Dead Little Sister: Was mistaken for one.

  • Karmic Trickster: Usually this when facing foes not considered a huge threat to her, and are the ones that provoke her first. Expect a Humiliation Conga if you underestimate her first.

  • Five-Man Band: When Not Partnered up with Sora or on her own, she has her own Five-Man Band:

  • Cool Big Sis: Normally a Big Sister figure to Sora, But she's like this to her own little brothers and any children she's befriended...even though the former in question are not actually blood related to her.
    • Mama Bear: But Watch out if you mess and hurt any of them! She does not take kindly to those hurting her friends or family.

  • Motifs: Though often not brought up, a main Motif of Webs is a Fleur de Lis.

  • Anchored Ship: Believe it or not, Webs/Sora. Justified in the sense that Sora is, despite being The Hero, a Teenager, and Webs is, to him, a Big Beautiful Woman. It ultimately doesn't get to go anywhere, however, As While Webs now and then has these kinds of crushes, she sees Sora more like a "Ven" to her "Terra", and cements the relation between him and Kairi. He, in turn, helps her open up and begin the relationship between Webs and Victor.

  • The Worf Effect: Webs suffers from this, being the strong-woman in her group of friends, when The Wicked Witch of The West manages to slam her through the freaking walls of the castle in Radiant Garden during an Election Race between the two. It gets subverted, by Webs using an Armor-Piercing Question in the rematch—Right after She curb-stomps her in magic and she still fights back before.

  • Armor-Piercing Question: Now and then asks a few, It gets rather tense if its the other way around. to name a couple of her own:
    • "What would Ven say about the choice you made? Did you ever consider HIS feelings?"
    • "if I am just a pawn in the way...why haven't you disposed of me yet?"
    • the question she's asked is: "Are you any different from Xehanort, using the darkness?", this gives her a slight Heroic BSOD when she seriously considers it.

  • Big Damn Heroes: In many times,

Tropes Relating to Webs (pokemon)

  • Animal Talk: Her Fluffy Tamer / Friend to All Living Things Status stands out here, as she can Talk to and understand Pokemon. It's something she's been doing since she was little, since during that time of her life, she had no friends her age and all She had to talk to was her family's pokemon and all that appeared in the backyard.

  • A Girl and Her Jolteon: Her First Pokemon Partner was an Eevee to which she gave the name Bolt. During her first adventure, he evolved into a Jolteon. Like Pikachu and Ash, Webs and Bolt share a very close bond with one another, probably stronger and longer-standing since the two grew up with each other.

  • King Incognito: Webs Travels a good lot around the world as she pursues her dream of....Well, Traveling and Seeing the world. When she goes to new regions, she always starts at step one with new Pokemon (bar Bolt), and is usually the kind of young woman who just seems like a newcomer to new regions and is very smart at her battling and with her tactics. which is why almost no one knows she's THE International Champion Unless she tells you or brings out Her Strongest Team.

  • Crazy-Prepared: When she says She's prepared for any evil organization, she is PREPARED FOR ANY EVIL ORGANIZATION. It doesn't help that she is...

  • Genre Savvy: Considerably so, she attributes this to her Study skills of a situation. There hasn't been much to catch her off guard. well, except for Ghetsis, but even then, she was aware of his True Intentions. She just wasn't aware of his Plan B for when she and her friends intervened and Screwed his plans up.

  • Alternate Universe / For Want of a Nail: Webs' Universe in the Pokemon World is Similar to the Games, but where the Player Trainers Would be in the games, are actually to the side as regular (or skilled) trainers, and instead Webs (or Friends of Webs and company "as it would be ridiculous if I was the hero of all those other regions with their problems!") are the heroes of the Stories/plots of each region. Despite starting her adventures in Sinnoh and Johto, She wasn't the hero of each situation, But she helped the real ones. She is, ultimately, the Hero of Unova—Literally in regards to the Dragons—as Well as a Substitute for the minor change to the latter trope—She Fills in N's Place as being the Unwitting Pawn to Team Plasma, unaware that they know about her gift and tracking her when she arrived in Unova until it was the right moment to attack.
    • And for the record, N does actually exist in this universe as well—He was, in fact, Kidnapped (or in a term by who did so, rescued) by one of Webs' Friends when he was young, from Team Plasma, triggering the events to happen and shift to tracking Webs. He still has Some of His Canon Traits, but has gained new ones given to living and growing up under the care of His "Big Sister".

  • Shout-Out: "I hail from Kanto! I've Come to Take Your Women!"
    • Webs also mentions that on her down-time from training, She'll either read a book or play a video game. She's following a particular series, and is right now on the Seventh Installment of it. "It's a really fun series to play! if you understand and get through, of course, of its Insane Plot, but that's why I love it!"
    • At times, Webs will refer to events that happen within the Pokémon Movies, for some, acting as a Continuity Nod than for others.
    • "The things I Do For my friends...."

  • Making a Splash: Most of her starter pokemon are of the Water Type.

  • Yin-Yang Bomb: this is accomplished between her and Alyssa when they team up with both corresponding dragons.

  • Obfuscating Stupidity: She usually does this to throw people off, confuse enemies and keep people from recognizing or discovering her abilities

[[folder: Alyssa R.]]

"Such a fine young lady: polite, respectful, honest, cares for her family and can throw a knife dead on into a throat in five seconds flat."

Alyssa Rendestel (Full name being Alyssa James Rendestel), is the second most used character, and sort of opposite to Webs (albeit, not to the point where she's a villain, but she can very well be one in certain circumstances).

Alyssa grew up in a Rich family, but despite being wealthy, she never flaunts it off or is Mean to anybody. She's grown up with a Mother who works on cars and fixes mechanical appliances, an Overprotective Dad and the CEO of a Mining Company, An uncle More nuttier than a bag of a Squirrel nuts who she adores, and a Butler who's as sweet as a kitten, but does not cook meals For good reasons.

Is she normal? yes, and no. Alyssa is a Special Agent in "The Academy"—A special force and security regiment that doubles as a boarding school for The more "Special" Children that need the right kinds of Education for their needs, be it technical or otherwise.

Alyssa is the youngest spy in the higher rank classes, and works in the P.A.I.M.L.P.A (Protection and Investigation of Myths, Legends, and Paranormal A'ctivities) Division (under the alias of "The Masked Maiden", or MM for short), which the work not only covers investigation of regular crimes, but crimes against the mythical and beyond normal. Though She may be really tough to interact with at first, once you get beyond her barriers, she's a good friend to have.

Granted, that you don't try to use her for something immoral if you don't want to lose an Eye.

Tropes relating to Alyssa in General:

  • Spoiled Sweet: She is mainly distant and aloof at times, but is generally nice and deserved the attention she gets from her peers. getting past her more serious Facade, She can be just as fun and wild as Webs, albeit more reserved.

  • One Gender School: The Academy may appear like this, but it isn't really. There are a lot of girls, but there are some boys within the mix of students.

  • Daddy's Girl: Alyssa loves all her family, but her Father absolutely adores her with those feelings returned. Alyssa has never hesitated to kick tail and break bones if Someone's threatened or insulted him or her family.
    • Overprotective Dad / Papa Wolf: That being said, while she loves him, he does go overboard in defending her, even though she can take care of herself. with his losses and experiences from childhood, can you blame him?

  • Master of Illusion: Alyssa is a rare heroic example. She has a gift of controlling "Gray Energy"—an Energy that controls and makes Illusions that is made from excess energies from the soul and spirit. however, if she uses enough power, she can actually manipulate and control her illusions to actually make them Real. She uses this in her job as a spy as well as to get information from people by tricking them into talking.

  • Ill Girl: She actually is one— Alyssa was born with a weak heart, living as long as she has with medication. granted, the fact that there was a Fate Spirit involved actually extended her lifeline from a day to seventeen years has never been discussed, but still...

  • Lady Swears A Lot/Sophisticated as Hell: Alyssa is very polite and well mannered in public or in company of guests, and still holds her ways of etiquette during her personal time. that being said, she is probably the one in her family who swears more and Loud enough to break windows when she loses her temper, and even curse when talking in her usual manner, the former not happening much unless one presses the wrong buttons.

  • Trickster: Natural considering her themes and her power over Illusions. if the enemy isn't an actual threat, she'll just trick them into catching themselves and turning themselves in.
    • Karmic Trickster: and even more so if they're harmless threats trying to annoy her. She tries to aim for embarrassing the enemy to death for the worst offenders.

  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: "If you don't drop my grandmother right now, I. Will. Screw. You. Over. You Sick! CRUEL! FREAK!"
    • this is normally one step away from one of her Anger Points, and edging dangerously close to her snapping point.

  • Chastity Dagger: Alyssa often keeps a spare Butterfly Knife hidden under her dress or hidden on her leg.

  • Covert Pervert / Chivalrous Pervert: a bit much more of one compared to Webs (Even though Webs Denies it), but often keeps it to herself—The girl has a lot of....exotic fantasies, Especially when it concerns her boyfriend. But, she avoids acting out of hand in any polite company, and if she does let loose, she keeps it decent.
    • She's had her moments of slipping up, but this is normally around friends.

  • Animal Motifs: Usually a Fox or a Spider.

  • Arachnid Appearance and Attire: considering that she likes spiders, it's not surprising that some of her outfits and dress have motifs of one.

  • Back Stab: she can get the drop on people with her powers, so it makes it easier to do this.

  • Guile Hero: You shouldn't underestimate her abilities in trickery and cunning, even if she is Weak-Hearted.

  • Heart Trauma: Alyssa was born with a weak heart, and while Gray Energy may be drawn from the energy of souls and spirits, it can only manifest within a heart in order to be used. If she ever loses all of her power over illusions, her heart is removed from her body for too long, or if its completely suppressed, SHE DIES. If she had a normal heart, it would weaken her, but not kill her.

  • Action Girl

  • Distressed Dude: Alto often fits the role for Alyssa, kind of...Awkward for him, though....

  • You gotta have green highlights: Dark green highlights are at the edges of Alyssa's Black hair. and, yes, they're natural! they do fade to black as she gets older.

  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: aside from her Highlights, her hair is a Silky, shiny black, and her skin is paler than most because of her weak heart.

  • Cool Mask / Mask of Power: Alyssa, as her job as "The Masked Maiden", wears a special mask that increases the intensity of her powers without strain.

  • Green Eyes: to also be noted, the lenses of her mask matches her eye color, to completely obscure her eyes to avoid people seeing the resemblance of her father in his younger years in them

  • Teen Genius / Gadgeteer Genius: Alyssa edges into this role, picking up the "Inventive Itch" from her uncle. as a result, she makes her own spy gadgets and materials for her job. after all, using her powers too much is bad for her heart...

  • Heroes Prefer Swords: aside from her butterfly knife, she carries a sword to fight with. this is because she loathes guns.

  • Shout-Out: Alyssa's design and powers was inspired off of two things—a Fighting Class and a Monster Fox.

Alyssa, in terms of the Kingdom Hearts universe, is a rare appearance. she mainly exists in the future, far from the timelines in the games, but can appear in one—Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. This is because Alyssa's powers are associated with dreams in this particular universe—through her father's dreams, she can travel to the past, with a catch—she cannot enter the actual reality of the dream world—she can only stay in the dreams of worlds. During the events of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, she ends up traveling and bumping into (literally) Riku during the mark of mastery exam. Curious about this time, she goes with him, unintentionally becoming a whole, unexpected toolbox...

Tropes appearing for Alyssa in Kingdom Hearts

  • Put on a Dive back home: in the Kingdom Hearts Universe, Alyssa only appears in the time frame of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, and once the events are over, seemingly disappears. Justified, that She, like Riku, became a Dream Eater due to the fact that she couldn't physically be in the "Awake World" during the games' main events—she used her father's dreams to "Time Travel" to the past when he was asleep. when the events were over with, she returned back to her own time, since her job for going back in the past is done. if she returns in this universe, it will be among the sleeping worlds or it will be in the future.

  • Dream Walker: Alyssa's powers in this universe are also connected to dreams. She can enter the Dream Realm / Sleeping Worlds through her own or through anyone's dreams as long as they're asleep. using her father's dreams is how she can "time travel" to the past where Sora and Riku are...and it becomes apparent she can also enter the dreams of Dream Eaters themselves, especially Riku's dreams.
    • Your Mind Makes It Real: She has to be real careful, however, with using any illusionary powers. due to her environment being a dream, one false move with her illusions can kill someone in the real world if they get killed in the dream realm or in a sleeping world.

  • Whip Sword: her secondary standard weapon, which replaces her regular sword.

  • Crash into Hello: How Alyssa first meets Riku and Alto. at separate times, of course.

  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: reaches this at her conclusion of explanation to Riku about her being from the future:
Alyssa: Technically speaking, I can just come here all the time—since I have access to my dad's dreams, I can always come back to the dreams of the past anytime I want as long as he's asleep. Of course, the downside is that despite being a nice place, I can't go into your time in terms of reality, and that my memory of the time spent in the past in terms of helping to change it will be easily erased when I wake up in my time, But in all honesty, the only way I could be in your reality in the past and here is if I had.......more of me....Split across time.........son of a bitch, I think I just remembered why I came here in the first place!

  • Shiny Midnight Black: Her hair completely becomes this and it's one of the tell-tale signs that Alyssa is a Dream Eater

Mirrorsplit is the name of the pony version of Alyssa, or what she coins as a "Pony name", as her usual name is still used at times. Before Twilight Sparkle was even a foal at all, there was a Mare known as Mirrorsplit. She was the first, and closest friend of Cadence, and was the bearer of one of the higher elements, The Element of Will (Will = the driving force that helps to spark magic, whether it be the will of your spirit or the will of friendship). However, Mirrorsplit was often ignored and shunned, since she was born with Fate Spirit-based magic, only having one friend in Cadence. Many Ponies forgot the rule of Fate Spirit Magic-inclined Unicorns: they must be given as much positive attention that they need, for if they let too much anger and hatred boil within never ends well.

Tropes appearing for Alyssa "Mirrorsplit"


[[folder:Aria Valrespiro]]

"Please, by all means, Try and take the prince. She May be The High Queen, but She's not above Ripping your throat out."

Meet "Lady Aria", the Queen of the WindLands. In her Public, She is The High Queen, Though her actions and mannerisms in concerns to other kingdoms Makes her the "Black Sheep" of Royal least to the Snooty ones. When personally known, she is a sort of fun-loving woman, and she does try to reflect to her public, although subtly, she's Not So Different from her people (hence why She's known as "Lady Aria" instead).

Oh, did I mention that She died? Well, sort of.

Aria (along with her husband) was murdered at least 20 years ago At least in regards to Kingdom Hearts Timelines, but She was the only one who came back as a regular spirit. Her Husband....not so much. Her tropes also list the tropes her husband has as well.

Tropes Relating to Aria:

  • God Save Us from the Queen!: Averted, though there are kingdoms that spread this rumor to ridicule and spite her.

  • Lady of War / Silk Hiding Steel: She was originally the former, but became the latter when she came to rule. It is not wise to challenge her skills in either case.

  • Happily Married: To Theo.

  • Locked in a Room / Instant Birth, Just Add Water: Averted for the latter; When having her Son, her water did break, but due to her being too tired to realize when it happened, she thought she...Well,"lost control in her sleep." She didn't have her son until the former happened—in an Opera House, in a private room for herself, and was already ready to deliver by the time the door to the room unlocked. Needless to say, No one in the Opera's acting community forgets it nor the fact that the friends that helped her with the delivery (once they got in) Got Stuck In the Air Vent that led into the opera hall.

  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Aria is actively engaged with the community and takes great care of it. She earned the right to be called a "Great Queen", not Inherited it.
    • Theo is equally engaged, but with affairs of other kingdoms—he's the main mediator between the Windlands and any other kingdom involved.

  • Blow You Away: if the name of the kingdom didn't hint at anything—Aria's bloodline has (mostly) been Wind Elementals / Mages. She is of a higher class of those the villagers with the same attribute due to being one of the royal family.

  • Limit Break: Only those in the Valrespiro Hierarchy can learn and know the Wingblade Technique. Aria was the only one that had mastered it to its extreme limits to use as a Last defense, should the usual diplomatic and militaristic tactics fail when the kingdom's attacked. The Minute Ventus Learns it, Aria was no longer the only one in the current generation of the Valrespiro family that had learned and mastered how to use it
    • Desperation Attack: "The Wingblade Style, while powerful, Is not a move you use when you're older. To make it happen, you have to be young—to make it happen at an older age, you have to be pretty near dead."

  • Cool Crown: When attending a Royal Event, she wears a standard Tiara. otherwise, she sticks to a circlet.

  • Mama Bear: Go on. try and take the prince. This Woman makes it very clear—Try to take her baby or harm him in anyway, And she WILL, if not try, to KILL YOU. This goes the same for trying to mess with her family.
    • God Help you if you try to Take her Friends' child/Niece and Nephew. This Bear comes with WOLVES!
    • Papa Wolf: Theo is normally a man who takes a peace route. If you try to hurt his Daughter or his wife, All bets are off. You're just Tempting Fate if you try threatening one of them after death.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: Aria and Theo, In order to protect Ventus, fought off and managed to maim their own assassin, Already knowing that Failure Was The Only Option for the both of them, but not for Ven.

  • Disney Death: Averted—given that Theo's Head gets chopped off, and Aria had bled to death from pretty deep stab wounds, It was impossible to happen for Theo, and a very slim chance to happen for Aria.

  • Jacob Marley Apparel: Much to Aria's displeasure and misery, she's stuck in her dress—torn in the places where she was stabbed, and keeps getting more dirtied and ragged as the years go on. Averted with Theo, given to What He Became.

  • Posthumous Narration / Posthumous Character: Anything containing Aria or Theo before the Events of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Timeline in first person of either view is definitely the former, making them both the latter.

  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Aria and Theo differ as spirits. Theo becomes a rather Feral Nightmare Spirit, but still has his humanity—but doesn't have a good grip on it as he had back when he was alive, thus resulting in loss of control for the former form he became. Due to being experimented on with Black Magic by His Own Uncle, Theo ended up with the guarantee that he'd come back from the dead should any child of his die and somehow come back the same way. No, Ven didn't die—It was Nia, BEFORE she even had a chance to actually be born. Just like his daughter, He Came Back Wrong, and had to be sealed within his own coffin with a spell to prevent him from causing damage to the citizens.
    • Aria came back in a very disoriented fashion, and assumed she came back due to Unfinished Business she had in the kingdom. At least, it was assumed—her own will brought her back; she can move on whenever she wants, but chooses not to.

  • True Companions / Childhood Friends: Aria has, and always had, Two Best friends. One from within her own kingdom, the other from a neighboring kingdom—and the three have always been close. close to the point that the latter friend was completely devastated by her death. As Children, they were often the mischief makers.
    • Surrounded by Idiots: While not idiots however, her friends actions (and reactions to consequences) to situations sometimes frustrate her to the point of declaring this. considering that one tries to be logical and calm only to make it worse, and the other has a hotter temper to the point where it can only end in catastrophe if he gets to reasoning with his own skills.

"Surely Only you and Theo were murdered, right?"
"no. Rowan Died that night too. I haven't been able to find his spirit."
"Everyone In my kingdom seems to forget that We Had Twin Sons."

  • One for Sorrow, Two for Joy: The Valespiro Family's representing bird is the Magpie, with Aria's usual dress representing the colors of the bird.

[[folder: Ophelia Kisame]]

"Quite Young to be wielding that Blade there, Missy."

Ophelia Rengard Kisame, A Character used mainly in the Kingdom Hearts Universe. A Good Friend of Webs. Smart. Pretty. Used to Live on Destiny Islands. Frightfully scary when working.

Ophelia is under a curse, which is slowly taking hold of her. she has no idea how to break it. She is one of the good guys. but just because she's on Webs' side, Doesn't mean she'll be nice.

Tropes Describing Ophelia:

  • Power Crystal: Her Power lies in the attributes of Crystals and Quartz, and the gem present in the center of her chest, a mark of the curse on her, is where she can draw half her power from.

  • Body to Jewel: The Curse she's under is slowly petrifying her heart into one of these. In Desperate situations, she can use Blood Gems made from the blood of her wounds as a means of healing.

  • Beehive Barrier

  • Good Is Not Nice: Ophelia may be on the side of good, but She is, as the nickname is coined, a "Crystalline Witch" and frightens a good amount of people. Subverted, in the actual truth—see below.

  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Ophelia is only a mean bitch When she's "on the job"—She is actually a very sweet girl, if not a usually serious one. her Cruelty-acting is mainly a ruse to intimidate foes and frighten suspects that get caught by her. Otherwise, she's one of the nicest people in Webs' group of friends. Doesn't detract that she could still kick your ass, though.

  • Genius Bruiser: When not Working or with others, she reads and studies, often with Webs. She also Trains with Webs.

  • Deadpan Snarker

  • Blue Eyes

  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: No matter what, Ophelia is dwarfed in comparison to Riku's Size, much to the former's annoyance and the latter's pleasure.

  • Empathic Weapon: par for the course For a weapon like the Keyblade, but the Change of Heart/Path To Dusk goes a tad bit farther than its equals.

  • Shoulder-Sized Dragon: Ophelia has one, though it's never seen often. justified that it's the Sleep Mode Size Of her Weapon, Change Of Heart/Path To Dusk.

  • Sugar and Ice Personality: her true personality. anybody against her while she's on duty often see the Ice and never the Sugar.

  • Big Damn Heroes: Pulls one off, while recovering from the injuries retained from the aftermath of her curse, for Webs.

  • Taken for Granite / And I Must Scream : Ophelia's Curse is supposed to turn her into a crystalized statue, keeping her stuck with no way to break it or to communicate. The only way to stop it is to either let it happen or kill herself. She decides, after traveling with Riku, to Take A Third Option.

  • Knight in Sour Armor: though a bit Lighter and Softer, at least when discussing her views with her Friends.

  • Made of Iron: Double-Subverted as She retains damage and often, when damaged enough, has to be treated or put into the hospital, but gets nothing else out of it aside from scars.

  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!:
"I don't see what's important about the X-Blade, exactly— it'd be starting another senseless war, And the One controlling the shattered isn't searching out 20 pieces, she's searching out 41. that's a widely inaccurate number for recreating the true X-blade.
"well, 20 is half of 41..."
"Which means nothing unless there's a lock on a big door that the X-Blade fits.... *(beat)* Which there Was."
"and what would the door have?"
"The God that caused this whole Shit in the first place. Xehanort and Arcana just screwed themselves and the rest of us all over. get your weapon out, because he also knows who we are."
Cue Pureblood Heartless invading and swarming the Hospital

  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Has not hesitated to abandon a mission if it becomes futile to fight, But Averted otherwise if the situation concerns her friends.

  • Scars Are Forever: has big scars on her legs and midsection that she's had ever since she was put into training by her Master. Hence, she never wears much revealing.

  • Cool KeyBlade: The Change Of Heart/Path To Dusk, which is a twin counterpart to the Soul Eater/Way To The Dawn. Both weapons are Bound To One Another, given if the legend about the souls of the blades once being human spirits of two sisters is true, so One will always find the other eventually, be it days or years.
    • It's because of this quirk that Ophelia has had the mission of finding the Soul Eater after it was Stolen from its resting spot and corrupted by Maleficent During the timeline of Kingdom Hearts II, And if Riku wasn't in Shape Shifter Mode Lock and stuck in the body of Xehanort's Heartless, She would've definitely became his own personal Inspector Javert Over it.

  • Worthy Opponent: Sees her friends as such.

[[folder: Katlin / Goddess of Hearts/ Kingdom Hearts/ No name]]

"Things in life are meant to change. but the more things change, the more they stay the same."

Katlin (Or "Master Katlin", if you're Webs), Is a Powerful Light Mage who took Webs under her wing and trained her. Aside from Webs' close circle of friends, she's rarely ever seen by many, and is mysterious and intimidating to hear about, and rather cryptic in person. only known to Webs' close circle and those who researched far into history, "Katlin" is only a human name that was coined by someone else on her—she is the Goddess of Hearts, "The Heart of All Worlds", and the reason why she doesn't appear much is that those who seek her for ill intent will pick up on her energy if she's in the realm of light too long. Most of her backstory makes her a walkingspoiler of sorts.

Tropes Describing Katlin:

  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: A dark navy blue, to be exact. Wasn't always like that, though

  • Physical God

  • Spot of Tea: Her Trademark Favorite Drink, But she isn't British.

  • Little Miss Almighty: though she's of full age when she is a mentor to Webs, she qualified for this when she was still young.

  • Light 'em Up: Her main specialty of magic and attacks. Justified that she IS the Heart of All Worlds...

  • Does Not Like Shoes: Always, Always, ALWAYS Barefoot. Except for when she was a young girl.
    • Earthy Barefoot Character: Webs ended up getting some habits of this trope from her due to them bonding over the Earth element

  • Big Good

  • Evil Mentor: Often believed to be a Shattered trying to Corrupt Webs. AVERTED, in fact, very far from the truth!

  • Cloudcuckoolander: Not so much nowadays, but her reason for this little trope is Justified by the fact that when she WAS this, she was absolutely brand new to the world.

  • Eccentric Mentor : when she isn't being serious or Cryptic, her real personality shines through—She may be a goddess, but she can act just as wild as Webs and her friends and cut loose just like regular mortals

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Cryptic, Mysterious, and sometimes her actions don't seem to help, but don't ever DOUBT her abilities. Kingdom Hearts does not Screw around when it comes to searching, reading, fixing, purifying and MAKING Hearts. Saying she has no talent is bound to bring out exactly WHY she is Webs' mentor and WHERE Webs gets her skills from.

  • Mama Bear: She does NOT approve of anyone hurting or trying to use Webs or Sora against her. She doesn't need to appear to the wrongdoer to Prove her point.

  • God Is Good: and Lonely, too.

  • Lonely Rich Kid: well, more like Lonely Sheltered Demigod, but she was this once, being kept away from humanity by her father so that no one would try to use her.

  • Happily Married: To an Immortal named Xavier—to which she hasn't seen in a long while, Nor can she remember what happened to him.

  • Badass: Very much so when she's motivated to show her skills. being the ORIGINAL Maker AND the former wielder of THE X-BLADE ITSELF is a notable stand-out

  • Person of Mass Destruction: if you override her powers or piss her off enough.

  • The Empath: Not just any Empath...the GODDESS of Hearts herself!

  • Heart Is an Awesome Power

  • BFS: The X-blade. and She MEANS the Original. She shares it, however, with her Husband.

  • No Name Given: at least, no HUMAN name given at the time—In Universe, when she was a young girl exploring outside of her domain for the first time, she didn't have a name to give except for "Kingdom Hearts". She was either given a little pet name or was simply nameless, Until the climax of the Keyblade War....

  • Jade-Colored Glasses: Subverted—even despite her Break the Cutie Moment (read below) in the past, she remains Idealistic and is usually the more positive one on her views of mortals.

  • Break the Cutie: The events that made Katlin into who she is are ones she would NOT like to remember. First off, The First Human friend she ever makes, the one she began searching through the whole world for Backstabbed her and Betrayed her the minute Katlin had shown off a bit of her own power to "save" her. Then, Said friend's father captures her and basically TORTURES her and nearly kills her all in the name of SCIENCE, and When they find out what she truly is, forces her to fight against her former best friend to turn into a shell for them to use to obtain the ultimate key that would grant them GODHOOD. even when her friends rescue her, and she resolves to end the war, Most of them are severely injured in the fight, and the most brutal injuries and even DEATHS are ones she senses, feels and SEES due to being closely connected to them. the Final straw was when her former friend does a Heel-Face Turn after seeing the truth of what the war was doing to Katlin...and her Father immediately STABS His Own Daughter for Trying to stop their initial plan just because she was friends with an actual Demigod and Corrupted the Immortal that Katlin had KNOWN for all her sheltered life just to wield the ultimate weapon and override Katlin's free will to completely become a god. All this piled upon her not only pushes Katlin across the Despair Event Horizon, All the build up of power turned her into a Person of Mass Destruction and Pushes her STRAIGHT across her Rage Breaking Point and she outright KILLS the Man and becomes A Goddess Filled with Unstoppable Rage, and nearly Destroys the World when she uses the X-Blade to wipe out ANYONE in her way. if it wasn't for her remaining friends and the literal Deus ex Machina that their Restraint on her triggers, There probably wouldn't be a Kingdom Hearts To speak of. despite this, Katlin remains Idealistic and positive about Humans and mortals, part due to Webs, part due to the memories of her friends and the old world, and mostly due to those who try to make a difference within the Worlds.

  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: due to all the events in the Break the Cutie above, After the Cooldown Hug, Katlin went into an EXTREMELY LONG Heroic BSOD-induced slumber and ended up forgetting everything involving her during the events of The Keyblade War, including her FRIENDS. It isn't until after Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Events that she remembers anything that happened, and when she does, it hits her with a huge bang of sheer in-universe Fridge Horror and sends her into another (much more shorter and easily recoverable) Heroic BSOD.

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