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Go ahead and leave some vandalism or find me on the forums. I don't bite. Unless we're into it.

I've currently got 4 or 5 tropes working through YKTTW; take a look. Also, please help with wicks and examples on my launches.

I may be known to write a short story from time to time. Here are some:
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Hello, are you really a sentient scuba diving dog in Real Life? Also, what is your opinion on "THE HEART"?

VANDALISM IS NOT COOL KIDZ. DONT DOO EET. UNLESS IT INVOLVES PAPER RAPE. I felt like being random toward the first person to PM me. Lucky you. - Oh believe me, IT EEZ PAINFUL.

Hobgoblin did not write this. >_>

You wished me luck on the Bleach forums a while ago about something. "Something" finally happened. I just wanted to say, thanks.

Seriously now; who doesn't like redheads? Go forth young one and spread the word! - Kino

Considering how manly you are compared to me - yes I am still the only male viewer. -NateWinchester
  • Even with my mastery of time/space there's only so much you can do while battling C'thulhu. Plus Wi Fi sucks in Hell.

Ah, Wanderlust! Then I'll bring some Schadenfreude on this page! Feel free to vandalize my page back, wie eine Hand die verletzt! -Belfagor

Your posts are amusing and also insightful once in a while... so yeah... -kay4today

I'm running around your troper page. No other troper's gonna do that. -OrangeSpider

It's not really a Vandalism section if it's allowed - Vyctorian
  • Well hey, all the cool kids are calling it that - Saiga

.... .... .... .... ..... -naraku327

Papa Wolf + Mature = Our Role Model. Our thread definitely needs it. Although it's strange to have a Cthulhu role model. - lu127

Hey, thanks for the Wiki Walks. You bastard. - Viktorious

I thought I might try to say sorry again for getting both of us involved in a discussion about z- p-. I'm sorry I offended you and now I'm afraid I will have scared you away for life from me. What can I dooooooo? ~ Soulseller
  • I would love to say yes but the truth is that cis is slowly becoming the antonym of any transgender relatedvocab because people don't want to use normal as an antonym for it. They derive from the same Greek roots though with the same intent behind. Does that mean I'm temporarily absolved from my lack of tact?note  ~ Soulseller

~Uguuguuguuu...~ - Oh no a Bear

I always look forward to finding another Digimon fan, especially when I don't expect it! - Keyseeker

Guess I haven't vandalized you before. :P Something about Risk. -Autumncomet

Tears' Meaning, the Place of a Wish -the Fate Amenable to Change
—I don't get it.

Don't forget to pick up some milk on the way home, okay honey? - Kayrivette

Wander is 2 gud. limit and/or forbid, pl0x. -Evi I Paladin

This folder... Must... FIX IT! -Teh Stanman

You are now part of my circle of close Bleach-Naruto fans! This honor isn't shared with many! Now Wander, let us rule the world! -Silverfan


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