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Tropers: Wanderer of the Wastes
Hey ya! I'mma Wanderer of the Wastes and I'm really happy fo' you, but Fast Eddie is the best vandal of all time, OF ALL TIME

Go ahead and vandalize my troper page here...

But no mean stuff, ok?

Be witty! Be funny!

Don't hate.

Not hatin! — the first vandal

Tag! You're it! —the second vandal

What kind of wastes do you wander, dare I ask? —Mega Magikarp

Be witty/funny? You're asking too much from me. XD —Compassionate Sadist

Why must we hurt the clowns? Just because it's funny doesn't mean it's right. It meants it's perfect! —GethKnight

Funny and witty. So wanton destruction on a cosmic scale? —Phoenixor

I don't know how to be either of those things...I better run away —Juancarlos11

You'll never be as good as the Chosen One, you DC shusmitz-fringeman
  • Funny, seeing as I live near it works. Besides, I was on a Fallout gaming spree at the time I came up with my username...

Vandelizing other troper's pages is fun.—Dontcallmewave

Have a good day and don't feed the plants! -OOZE
  • He's lying. You should totally feed the plants. — Hotel Kilo

This is the best page vandalism of all time. OF ALL TIME. -Lolipod Distortion

Vandalism continues to corrupt our youth and distort our morals. But it's damn fun. -Steampowered

I shall now proceed to set your page on fire. Believe me, this is nothing new ;P - Nekoalexa

Emit ruoy fo sdnoces ytxis tuoba detsaw tsuj I. -Tye Dye Wildebeest
  • Read it backwards.

Ailedhoo was not here. This is not vandalism. This is a duck.

It appears my contemporaries have been here before.

Indeed, you are a troper of a high calibre. - Inhopeless Guy

Are you a Walking Wasteland? - Stolen By Faeries

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