Tropers / Viktorious

I'm gonna be the first person to post on here. You are THE SHIT! ~ The Westerner
  • I call second. Indeed, you are what this Westerner person says is "the shit". :) —Tre
  • Third? :P You're awesome and indeed are "the shit". — Autumncomet
  • Thank you for being the kind of person who will actually do something about something wrong. You're a good person. ~Wanderlust Warrior
  • You seem pretty cool, what with all the life saving and ball kicking. ~Oh no a Bear
  • Naruto thread, Y U SO VANDALISTIC ALREADY?! Viktoria, master of critical hits! - lu127
  • There probably isn't anything I could put that others havn't already said, but way to go Vik! - Saiga
  • Awesome Viktoria is awesome. You're awesome. - kay4today

And in vandalism unrelated to a the saving of lives or the ability to prevent a man from giving it: way to go guys, we spoiled another one. Sorry, Vik. Yeah, I'm shortening you to Vik, because we already have a Vyc, and since we know you're female, I have to try harder to so sow gender confusion. I may also alternate between Viki and Viktor. Hmm. Long vandalism. Enjoy the wiki walks!
Wanderlust Warrior
  • Your vandalism should say "You Bastard". Now go back and start all over again.
    • I did that on purpose. You won't turn me into a Trope linker. Never!!! :P
  • Oh you know you love me. "You... turn me ...o... n...!" See?!