Under construction, even.

Also, I may have some people coming here who are a bit miffed because of my distractions. So...yeah.

Look at me! I'm learning markup! It's all fancy now!

By the way, I tend to type pretty fast, and that is not conducive to good spelling or grammar, as I am learning. So be gentle.

By the way, got a blog: [[http://vermillionbrain.blogspot.com Vermillion's Brain Receptacle]]


[[folder:Favorite Pages]]
* {{Pajiba}}: I actually wrote a few pieces there. Not so much anymore though.

[[folder:Personal Tropes]]
I am extremely uncomfortable talking about myself, so this is mostly stuff other people told me I do. At least, to the best of my memory, which is pretty shoddy.

* AttentionDeficitOohShiny : Officially diagnosed and everything. No meds, just freewheelin' it. I do have my more spastic moments though.
* BlackAndNerdy : I am currently DungeonMaster for a 4th Edition D&D game (my first actual DM position, and I even got a near TPK during the THIRD ENCOUNTER), finally read my first Discworld book (Unseen Academincals, if you wanted to know), and have an unhealthy fixation on action figures.
* NiceGuy : At least I like to think so.
* CovertPervert : Only when I feel comfortable enough with people I know. And NEVER around my family.
* ChivalrousPervert : I may talk a good game, but I rarely have the gumption to do more.
* DeadpanSnarker : I have my moments.
* YuriFanboy : And HOW.
* WildMassGuessing: I hold that
** Both the Immortals from {{Highlander}} and {{Hancock}} are [[{{Exalted}} Solar Exalted]] from alternate universes, where the Great Curse was different enach time (having to kill each other and having to lose their powers after meeting their mate, respectively)
** The person who invented the wiki format had to had some evle of ADHD. It was designed as a form of revenge agianst non-ADD people by forcing them to lose massive amounts of time jumping form topic to topic. Sadly, this mad genius got lost in his own invention and forgot his quest for vindication. Now all the world gets to enjoy his creation...for better or worse. [[{{EvilLaugh}} MUAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!]]


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