Tropers / Vanilla Vanish

Hello everyone.

My name isn't actually Vanilla Vanish. You may have figured that out yourself. It's just a screenname. "What does it mean?" I hear you asking yourselves. The answer is as both shocking as it is frightening. Ready? It's for a fictional brand of soft drink. That's right, it means nothing!

But fear not! For fiction does not have to scare you! Fiction is not without order! Why, in the pages of this very wiki will you find all manner of tropes that identity, label and anaylse different tools for fiction, so you need not fear any longer.

Hi. I'm just a seventeen year old male with too much spare time who loves TV Tropes. I occasionally write, although I've never finished anything longer then a chapter and honestly not very good. I prefer to enjoy other people's fiction, it be a movie, T.V show, comic, novel, short story, e.t.c.

Oh, and I love games. Like, really love them. Not just as a method of story telling, but as a rapidly growing and evolving art form, and in some cases as a competitive e-sport. Call of Duty is where I preform the strongest, but I try to spread my gaming talent around.

Yeah, I suppose that's about it. I'll add a list of tropes that I feel define me at some point, as I find the tropes on the wiki. Until then; cya around the site.

Currently playing: DC Universe Online, Halo Reach, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2