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Hiya. I'm vaguelyyaoilookingcatboy.

The story behind this screenname, since a lot of people seemed interested in its origin: This past April, I went to anime convention. I cosplayed as Battle Royale's Shuya, and one of my friends ended up buying the generic con cat-ears-and-tail. So, I took off the wig, and put on the cat ears. These, the tail, the (pretty) tight dress shirt and pants, the collar, and the pot lid made me... look pretty bishie, as well as just plain odd. As I passed one of the more weirded out people I saw, I overheard her run over to her friends and whisper, "He looks like a yaoi character!". I tried as hard as I could not to laugh, and a screenname was born!

Do not take the list below as definitive, as it is being edited pretty much constantly.

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