So the first thing you need to know is that I'm a writer, surprise right? My primary work, is a novel called ''[[http://www.vakinc.com/oktober/newest.html Oktober]]'', which I have been secretly pimping on TV Tropes for a while now. Don't tell anyone. Anyway, yes, uh, I guess that's all I have for you right now. On to Tropifying myself!

ThisTroper provides examples of:
*BilingualBonus: Vak natively speaks English, but tends to speak French, Spanish, Italian, and when he's feeling particularly shameless, Japanese.
*BrilliantButLazy: And aware that he should work harder.
*ConsummateLiar: To the point where he convinces people he is a bad liar so that they will be even less likely to suspect him of lying to them. Relatedly:
**FalseReassurance: Uses these sometimes but...
**SarcasticConfession: Primarily relies on these.
**ObfuscatingStupidity: Because no one suspects you of lying if they think you're too dumb to lie.
*DevilInPlainSight: The one person who knows the truth has tried many times to convince others that Vak is manipulative and a liar, [[CassandraTruth but no one believes them.]]
*ManipulativeBastard: Occasionally feels guilty about it. Abates that feeling by sparking arguments between random people on the street.