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Tropers: Tutor Girlx 3
Hi, everybody! My name is Trai and my usual handle around the Internet is Tutor Girlx 3 (except for the one on Xanga; that's not me).

The large majority of the work on the One Tree Hill page is mine—admittedly, it's one of my favorite shows and a guilty pleasure. My icon and "Tutor Girl" itself come from the show's character Haley, as I've been told I resemble her greatly in personality! (It's really sadly true; I'm a huge English nerd, hopeless at sports, etc. I only wish I had a Nathan!) I created the page for Life Unexpected and I'm looking to add to it as the show goes on. I'm also a big Order Of The Stick fan—the forums over there introduced me to this place!

You can check out my book-reviewing blog here. Stop in and say hi!

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