Tropers / Tustin 2121

Game Designer, Programmer, Story Writer, Troper.

23 and male. Just saying.

I've written a few stories before, most of which can be found here on my person webpage: I was shocked when I found the Mary Sue entry and found out my Harry Potter Fan Fic contained one!! (Granted, he's not the hero of the story I finished, but he would have been in its currently half-written sequel!) Thanks, TV Tropes, from saving me from myself!!

Also, I once stumbled upon the Apple App store and dropped an app somewhere there. If anyone's seen the lost app, contact me by clicking the blue button next to it. (Totally working on an actual game sometime very soon!)

I have recently found the show RockyJonesSpaceRanger and have thus adopted the page and the recap index for it as I work my way through watching the shows, in order, as I can find them on YouTube.