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Hello, my name is James Edwin Tuddrussell III.

I have an IQ of 145, the right to vote, a couch, a computer, a television, a roof over my head, the clothes on my back, the amazing ability to produce vast amounts of earwax, a cat, a dog, and for the time being the drive to author fan fiction, sadly that is the extent of things I can claim as my own.

Song of the month for May: "Feathery Wings" by, Voltaire.

Quote of the month: "In everything natural there is something marvelous." - Aristotle.

Re: Will of the Oath Breaker.

There's some big things coming for this story, and the only things that I can rightly tell you all are the motifs that I'll be using.

The four horsemen: Shino is Pestilence, Kurenai is Famine, Naruto is War, and Hinata is Death. The powers they gain over the course of my story will reflect their motif.

The deadly sins: Orochimaru is Avarice, Tsunade is Despair, Jiraya is Lust, Chouji is Gluttony, Shikamaru is Sloth, Ino is Extravagance, Sasuke is Wrath, Sakura is Envy, Neji is Pride, Kiba is Vainglory, and Kakashi is Acedia.

Tarot: Obito is the Fool, Kyuubi is the Magician, Asuma is the Hanged Man, Tenten is the Star, Gai is The Sun, Sarutobi is the World, Danzo is the Tower, Lee is Strength, Anko is the Wheel of Fortune, Ibiki is Justice, Shizune is the High Priestess, Zetsu is the Lovers, Pein is the Emperor, Konan is Temperance, Kakuzu is the Devil, Hidan is the Hierophant, Sasori is the Moon, Deidara is Death, Kisame is the Chariot, and Itachi is the Hermit. Uh, I am thinking about making Iruka the Empress... mostly because I know I'll get heck for not including Iruka, and that's the only arcana left... I think, it's been a while since my literature class. If you have any ideas on what Iruka's motif should be, and/or who the Empress should be, then send me a message.

/Sigh, it's kind of sad how much thought I put into this... I have no life. I might have missed a few. If any of my lovely, and clever readers manage to find what I've missed, or think a character would fit better into a different pidgeon hole then message me. You can just message me to chat about where I'm taking this story, and if you have any advice, or complaints then you can make those know in a review. However if you are not logged in I can't message you, which will make communicating rather difficult.

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