Tropers / Tsukubus

Salutations exalted visitor. I can only optimistically subscribe to the notion that you will find your gallivanting through my meticulously maintained personal page.

Finds it more entertaining to allow people to wonder about silly details such as age, gender, and nationality.

More seriously, there isn't really much to say about me. I'll probably add more later. Vandalize for fun, pl0x.

And time for a quick run-over over the handful of tropes partially applicable to me. :)

Hi there! Hope you don't mind me vandalizing. :3 — Compassionate Sadist

You kind of scare me. I think I like it. ~Cliché

Listen all 'yall, it's sabotage! I know virtually nothing about you apart from your trope list, but I think I like you already! —goodtimesfreegrog

Wait, you're a KID! That explains why you don't get romance...
  • I think you're younger than me...
    • That depends on whether you LIKE shotacon or you ARE shotacon.
      • How does one NOT like Shotacon? >_>
      • I dislike Shotacon. -Ponicalica
      • Point taken. Why don't you believe in love? I'm quite curious. (Also, trying VERY hard not to insert a meme.)