Tropers: Tryina D

"Riots are always the best of times when you're the one rioting. You can throw people's chinaware, bend forks, kick people's computers and watch Justin Bieber. But if you're the one being rioted, it's certainly the worst of times."
"Tryina in 'Ai Sepik Inggris"

Tryina D is an amateur Fan Fiction writer and artist, and her true form is debatable, from a magical princess who fights misplaced tropes, a very confusing narrator with a very strange story, a fat girl with that voice, or a Mary Sue. The thing is, she's here, and she's here to save the day- err... the tropes.

Is also a quite intelligent procastinator.Does not like spelling mistakes. Has a British accent (sort of) even through she's from Indonesia .

Has often wished the page for Domitor Leo, (a light novel series.) exists.

Is quite a fan of Cap Sa/Big 2

She lives with her family and a Dandere cat and a Genki Dog, both very fine lads.

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