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#Without TrouserWearingBarbarian, we would have to pollinate apple trees by hand.
#If every star in the Milky Way was a grain of salt they would fill TrouserWearingBarbarian.
#In Chinese, the sound 'TrouserWearingBarbarian' means 'BiteTheWaxTadpole'.
#Marie Antoinette never said 'let them eat cake' - this is a mistranslation of 'let them eat TrouserWearingBarbarian'!
#Michelangelo finished his great statue of TrouserWearingBarbarian in 1504, after eighteen months work!
#Never store TrouserWearingBarbarian at room temperature.
#If you don't get out of bed on the same side you got in, you will have TrouserWearingBarbarian for the rest of the day!
#Koalas sleep for 22 hours a day, two hours more than TrouserWearingBarbarian.
#The risk of being struck by TrouserWearingBarbarian is one occurence every 9,300 years!
#In Eastern Africa you can buy beer brewed from TrouserWearingBarbarian!

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