First thing's first: ''His name is '''not''' related in any way to [[JapaneseHonorifics Japanese]] or KoreanHonorifics''. [[IThoughtItMeant Or the Model U.N., for that matter.]]

Originally content to lurk around TV Tropes as an @/UnknownTroper, the only real reason he decided to make himself known was when he wanted to upload images for use in the PhantasyStar articles.

Edits at random, and is prone to [[SerialTweaker making a series of minute edits]] either due to failing at spelling and grammar (despite all efforts to proofread his own writing), or forgetting something he wanted to add--which happens all the time. (Just look at the edit history! This is a SelfDemonstratingArticle!)

Strongly dislikes ConversationInTheMainPage, ''especially'' people who start off a {{natter}}ish edit with "''Actually ...''" or "''[[ To be fair ...]]''" or "''ThisTroper ...''" If he sees it happening, he goes out of his way to remove it and [[RepairDontReply repair the example]] according to whatever the thoughtless {{Natter}}mongers were having an [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal accuracy attack]] [[YouFailLinguisticsForever about]] (if possible). On the other hand, he'll avoid removing {{Natter}} or conversational edits that are PlayedForLaughs, [[RhetoricalQuestionBlunder unless they start attracting the Nattermongers]].

For that matter, people who sweep article images under a rug with "JustAFaceAndACaption" as their excuse also annoy him. He's finding more and more that people are taking that piece of {{Administrivia}} at face value, using its name as their sole rationale for removing images, rather than understanding the ''intention'' behind it.

[[OhGreatASnarkIndex People who snark excessively]] get on his nerves. Obviously ''not'' a fan of articles getting treated as SnarkBait, but will only act in defense of something if he knows for a fact that the [[HateDumb snarky tropers are exaggerating something]]--or making things up for the purpose of mockery.

Was [[TheTopicOfCancer diagnosed with cancer]] in 2013, but has been in remission as of 2014.

!![[Tropers/TrevMUN Trev-MUN]] has created the following articles:

* ''PhantasyStarOnline'', ''PhantasyStarUniverse'' (By splitting up the PhantasyStar article along sub-series lines)
* ''PhantasyStarZero''
* ''Manhwa/{{Ragnarok}}'' and the disambiguation page
* ''Music/DosGringos''
* ''[[ASPAirStrikePatrol A.S.P. Air Strike Patrol]]''
* ''[[VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution Deus Ex: Human Revolution]]'' (By moving all ''Human Revolution'' examples in the DeusEx article to a new page)
* ''BuckRogersPlanetOfZoom''
* ''[[VideoGame/AceCombatAssaultHorizonLegacy Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy]]'' and related pages
* ''[[VideoGame/RagnarokIILegendOfTheSecond Ragnarok II: Legend of the Second]]''
* ''[[VideoGame/RagnarokIITheGateOfTheWorld Ragnarok II: The Gate of the World]]'' and related pages
* ''Film/FirstStrike'' and related pages
* ''VideoGame/TreeOfSavior'' and related pages

!![[Tropers/TrevMUN Trev-MUN]] exhibits the following tropes:

* EntryPimp: When he gets going on an article, he '''really''' gets going. Often a result of being a SerialTweaker.
* NinjaEditor: Yes. (Usually for the same purpose as SerialTweaker)
* [[RepairDontReply Repair, Don't Reply]]: A strong believer in this.
* SerialTweaker: Also yes. [[TheKlutz This is even]] ''[[TheKlutz with]]'' [[TheKlutz making use of the preview system and spellcheckers]]. Also tends to do it after realizing whatever he's written is too vitriolic.
* SingleIssueWonk: Is ''really'' trying to avoid being ThePesci, but certain things get his blood pressure up. '''''Don't''''' tell him that (Religious) BeliefMakesYouStupid, or describe the United [=States/all=] (or even most) Americans as [[{{Eagleland}} Eagleland Flavor #2]]. He dislikes MisplacedNationalism {{flame war}}s in general.
* {{Splitter}}: When an article reaches the point that it's covering several different sub-series, things get messy.
* TheKlutz: Once accidentally submitted DemotedToExtra to the CutList by accident, because he wasn't watching where he was typing and entered the article into the submission form. 'Nuff said.
* TropesAreTools: Strongly believes this as well. The tendency for tropers to treat all tropes as a bad thing that must be bad-talked and treated as BadWriting or a horrible cliche grates on him, and he works to prevent articles from decaying into soapboxes by rewriting instances of undue scorn.\\
Originally thought that "Tropes Are Cliches," [[TheTropelessTale and this encouraged him to try and avoid using tropes in his own works]] until he realized just how ''many'' there are--especially after seeing that there are tropes which cover averting or subverting another trope. Thankfully, he realized that long before he started making edits here.