@/TheyCallMeTomu is a troper currently centered out of-Screw it, I've moved so many times in the past year it's not worth explaining anymore. Possesses a bachelor's in Economics from Wayne State University, and has recently started pursuing a second Bachelors from Ashford University in the field of Finance.. Said BA (the first one) has been 100% useless. Though, at least it allows Tomu to KevinBacon himself to [[ Paul Krugman]]. Claims to be a ChivalrousPervert.

He, known as Tom to his friends (thus making the moniker something of a misnomer) is prone to starting up numerous RP's (typically DungeonsAndDragons or variants thereof), sometimes in the "Trai Setting," a homemade setting that he's allegedly been working on since he was five, that borrows elements from anime and "the like." One of these days, he means to actually start writing Chronicles of the Third Eye, but writer's block is a bitch when you're such a perfectionist.

Bizarre sense of humor is possessed by-why am I writing this in third person? It's like, every page has to be written in third person, even if it's totally unnatural! Oh well. What was I saying again? @/TheyCallMeTomu is fond of weird metahumor that makes sense in his mind-not in the minds of anyone who society would generally dub as "sane."

Is the God of Cupcakes. [Citation Needed]

Father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer on October 2 2010, and died March 12, 2011. Apologies if a little less enthusiastic than previously.

Sister has now been diagnosed with the same form of brain cancer-hypochondria setting in.

Has a Dungeons and Dragons blog at To quote Tomu, "My opinions are in blog form; that makes them better than yours."

Hasn't been updated in ages.

On April 21, a little past midnight, I decided to vacate TV Tropes as a form of protest against certain administrative policies (or, more accurately, the mission statements regarding those policies). It didn't last, and I accept all loss in credibility that said failed attempt to vacate comes with.

I then went on a strange campaign, blanking my Troper page and signature in protest against said administrative policies. When said administrative policies changed (allegedly, not owing at all to my protests-but I know better), that protest ended. So let that be a lesson to you-if you stick to your guns and follow your heart, when things go precisely how you wanted to, you can pretend you were the one that brought about change.

[[ I am Mad Scientist. It's so cool! Sonovabitch.]]

!Sound Byte Chamber
"Lawyers gonna lawyer."

"I believe that we should not treat complex problems as though they are not complex problems."

"When arguing with an idiot, just remember these four little words: That is demonstrably false."

"Compassion is not just about life, but about lives worth living."

Partial and incomplete because I have a shoddy memory. These are some of my favorites that come to mind
* AngelBeats
* Akagi
* Another (one bites the dust?)
* Bokurano (yes, the manga was better)
* AnoHana
* TasogareOtomeXAmnesia (what can I say, ghost girl moe all the way!)
* Xenosaga (actually, the anime was terrible, but I love the games enough to not care)
* WelcomeToTheNHK
* Slayers (rabid fanboy since the 90s)
* TengenToppaGurrenLagann
* Kaiji - Actually, really anything from NobuyukiFukumoto
* LiarGame (Yes yes, I know, not an anime, but manga with a live action version, close enough, STFU!)
* ToAruMajutsuNoIndex
* Akane-iroNiSomaruSaka (yeah, I don't get why either)
* TheWorldGodOnlyKnows
* {{Working}}
* CTheMoneyAndSoulOfPossibility
* Binbougamiga
* MiraiNikki
* SteinsGate (Infinity stars for this one, I can't emphasize that enough)
* HatarakuMaouSama
* And many many more that just don't come to mind because meh.

!Tropes That apply to Ahhhh Tomu-sama
* TheAntiNihilist Sometimes anyway.
* SingleIssueWonk Digital Piracy. Also, assisted (or unassisted) suicide. And-well, I guess it's not really a "single issue" then now is it?
* KillerGameMaster: MUAA HAA HA-okay maybe not.
* RocksFallEveryoneDies: Not usually, as games tend to be abandoned ''without'' the benefit of an arbitrary total party kill. Incidentally, this was the preferred name of an alternative 4E blog I wanted to create, but it was already taken. ''Bastard!''
* RailRoading: Choo choooooooo!
* UnreliableNarrator: Varies from campaign to campaign, but a common story element, due to the text based nature of campaigns run by Tomu, is to both include "legitimate" descriptive text, and to include a separate actual narrator whose description of events is tongue-in-cheek (and occasionally different from the legitimate descriptive text).
* {{GMPC}}: Partially related to railroading. All things in moderation, I swear!
* StopHavingFunGuy: Awesome concepts are awesome and, as DM, I will take steps to allow awesome concepts be effective, but so help me if you run an ineffective build, there will be hell to pay!
* {{Scrub}}: Ironic, considering StopHavingFunGuy, but some places, the rules are just broken, y'know?
* {{Metagame}}: Being next to full transparency gamer (both as a player and as DM), Metagaming, at least as it pertains to combat, is generally encouraged. Metagaming as it pertains to story elements, however...
** Though there was that one time when the final boss turned out to be the narrator.

!!Vandalize this troper over here.

delete the one you don't want. ~ @/AlirozTheConfused who is really sorry for messing up your nice page.
* I am at this adgopagninpaniapiaifawgihasdfjkadsoiruapotikjdsaotiwpoitnpdaojkngdkljfghporkjanporgiknaplrn ~ @/LackOfBoots
* To bullet or ''not'' to bullet? -- @/{{jcruz}}
** [[IceCreamKoan If one needs lemonade, get a lemon. If one needs lemons, get a life. If one needs more vandalism, getX().toString(); for(int x=0;x<5;x++) System.gc();]] -- @/{{jcruz}}. again.
* If I ever need a tabletop rules lawyer, you'll be first on my list. - @/AckSed
* I think Tomu is a PrettyCoolGuy; eh--[[OverusedRunningGag *shot*]] --[[@/{{sgrunt}} a vandal]]
* -cleans page, takes a cupcake, and offers a hug- :( - @/{{Keybreak}}
* I can sympathize with the lack of enthusiasm, though for somewhat different reasons. *hug* - @/{{Leradny}}
* 'Something witty' - {{@/Spirit}}
* Paul Krugman makes you awesome by proxy... which is not to say that you weren't already. - @/{{JHM}}
* Hear the Minor Lord of Economics, mortals! But you don't have to listen too closely, because nothing he says makes sense past the economics jargon... :P -- Tropers/{{USAF713}}
* BerserkButton Dont call him Tom on the forums...
* TheDarkSide has cookies? Well, the Jedi have ''brownies!'' - @/{{Mort08}}
* You're a pill. - @/{{Johnnyfog}}
* Your views on affirmative action gained you my respect. Your calm demeanor in the disscussion thereof gained my admiration. The D&D stuff is icing on the cake. -@/{{Dragon573}}
* Curse you, Tomu! Because of your signature, I can't search for Paul Krugman in the wiki! :P @/{{Linhasxoc}}
* Are you sure you're not actually Paul Krugman in disguise? -@/BestOf
* Hullo, I came by to drop something off...-''@/{{VoidsEmpathy}}''
** You know, I don't think that was funny. Here ya go....'''''[[{{Starcraft}} Nuclear Launch Detected!]]''''' -@/VoidsEmpathy
*** ah well...does it matter now? Not really.-@/VoidsEmpathy
**** Never knew what hit ya. -@/VoidsEmpathy
* BOOM! -Fires grenade launcher all over your page- -@/{{Steventheman}}
* [[{{Friday}} Fun, fun, think about fun. You know what it is.]] - @/MobileLeprechaun
* Somehow, my last attempt at vandalizing this page failed miserably. Oh well. Sadly I don't have any backup funny. Okay, maybe I have something. If the head of Tibetan Buddhism uses a handcart to carry around his South American pack animal, would that make it the Dali Lama's llama dolly? - @/CompletelyNormalGuy
** [[ I got yo back mmk?]] ~@/{{Rockonman}}
* Okay, maybe that wasn't funny. I'll give you some [[ Social Distortion]] instead. HelplessGoodSide -@/CompletelyNormalGuy
* You watch AngelBeats?! -@/SabrinaDiamond
** My tears were manly and raw!
* I am here to kick arse and to chew bubble gum. I am without gum so that leaves the one option! -@/{{Steventheman}}
* Jay. JAY. '''JAY'''. Yeah, go into the creepy abandoned building, not like it's a '''bad idea that could get you killed or anything'''. Oh look, it's Masky. '''WHAT A SURPRISE.''' Not like he doesn't usually try to attack you when you go into creepy abandoned buildings. @/{{mellochan42}}
* KillerGameMaster + UnreliableNarrator = Playing RPG with you must be a living hell. --@/{{Belfagor}}
* HI. WHAT IS UP??? ~@/{{Rockonman}}
* [[MarbleHornets ALEX SMASH!]] ~@/{{mellochan42}}
* This page may contain traces of nonsense. ~[[@/VmKid SHMOOPIE-DOOP!]]
* Epic bomb you've there. ~@/{{Enzeru}}
* [[ScrewTHeRulesIHaveMoney Screw the rules, I have vandalism.]] ~@/{{Landorkus}}
* Austria: It's not just for wars anymore. -@/{{Enkufka}}
* Consider yerself lerned aboot vandalizationism. ~@/{{skyflower}}
* [[ Metropolis Part 2]] is about a man who learns that in a past life, he lived as a young girl who, along with her mother, got killed by the hypotenuse, Edward, in a love triangle. Then, in the last minute of the song, we learn that the hypnotist the main guy has been talking to is the reincarnation of Edward when he breaks into the main character's apartment and murders him. ~@/{{Rockonman}}
* Hello, Tomu, you giver of joy and self-confidence, yoou!- [[@/{{eternal Noob}} The Tampon of Middle Earth]]
* Would you like to hear about how I killed your master? - @/{{Aranamor}}
* [[ THUS SAITH THE LORD]] -[[@/{{eternal Noob}} Captain Mister Man]]
* Yo, baka. Felt like vandalizing. B-But not because I l-like you or anything! - @/{{kay4today}}