Editing trope pages... FOR THE HORDE! Whilst eating Haribos... FOR THE FLAVOUR! And procrastinating on my work... FOR THE EVULZ!

!!Tropes that suit me.

* {{AllGaysLoveTheatre}}
* {{Beware the Quiet Ones}}: Just because I don't talk doesn't mean I can't bloody hear you imbeciles.
* {{Bookworm}}
* {{Deadpan Snarker}}
* {{Grammar Nazi}}
* {{Insufferable Genius}}: And how.
* {{Proud To Be A Geek}}
* {{The Smart Guy}}
* {{The Stoic}}:
* {{The Quiet One}}

!!Things that are worthy of my attention:

[[AC: {{Literature}}]]
* Lord Of The Rings (and HOW)
* The His Dark Materials books
* The Discworld books
* Anything by Neil Gaiman

[[AC: {{Live-Action TV}}]]
* The Vicar of Dibley
* Doctor Who
* Miranda

[[AC: {{Theatre}} Spelt '-re' not '-er', spellcheck!]]
* Anything by Andrew Lloyd Webber, but especially The Phantom of the Opera
* Les Miserables
* Twelfth Night
* The Importance of Being Earnest

[[AC: {{Video Games}}]]
* World of Warcraft
* The Elder Scrolls Games