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Hello, fellow Troper! I'm The Ultimate Fangirl, and I have a constant tendency to use words. Big words. In large quantities. In other terms, if you're looking for my entries on this site, I'm that person who will type out a soliloquy with SAT words to describe EXACTLY why example X fits trope Y perfectly! Either that, or I will do a similarly loquacious speech when gushing about characters I like. If you don't like word nerds (a term I sport with great pride), or don't like one of the shows/books/movies I enjoy, I suggest you leave now before the attack lemurs armed with katanas do their job. Ye have been warned.

My good friend, Magus, is responsible for introducing me to TV Tropes. He's the one who got me hooked, the scoundrel.

Also, I am a proud member of FoRKS!

Tropes that apply to me: