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Describe The Real Wren here, here, eh?

Well...I suppose that would be a good idea. Sure, no-one will really READ this, but I might as well make something.

Me? I'm just some guy that's been on the internet. Was a mod on GameFAQs, though I heard about TV Tropes and decided I'd join the forums and all that. It's quite fun being here, really. Personality-wise? I'm...all over the place, to be honest. Also surprisingly childish for someone who's 23 years old.

Oh. And I'm totally not a cosmic monstrosity from another dimension, nor am I on good terms with Cthulhu. Stop asking.

NOTE: If there's other tropes you think apply, don't hesitate to add them.

Tropes Present in my Life/TvTropes/Works: ...Really, you could be here for a while. And by that, I mean you'll have to wait until I can be bothered to add more.

...I'm sorry, Wren isn't here right now. Leave a message and he'll get back to you.

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