"Not much to say. I'm 13, I'm a girl, and I'm very nerdy. That is all."-A Younger Meddler

Not much to say? Man, I must have been reeeeeeaaaaally tired when I wrote that. XD Hello, I'm The Meddler, budding poet (plugplugplugplugplug) http://themeddler.deviantart.com/ (plugplugplugplugplug) and avid Doctor Who fan. . . that lives in the US. Thank internet for youtube! XD I'm also a proud contributer to We Are All Pokemon Trainers, or WAAPT for short. And. . . I'll write more later. Til then, have some cookies! -gives everyone who's reading this page cookies-

Vandalism Section:\\
Anyone here?\\
[--So alone...--] -Sniff-\\

-gives Slouch and Wolf cookies- From Meddler

Don't worry, Slouch! [[{{@/BadWolf21}} I'm]] here now!

I have vandalized this space. Ph43r meh. - [[{{@/Hobgoblin}} Rex]]

...I'm not alone anymore!
Aww, [[{{@/Slouch}} I]] love you guys :3

[[DiscreditedMeme I used to vandalise people's pages....but then I took an arrow to the knee.]] -@/{{gamerex27}}