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Tropers: The Good Samaritan
I am The Good Samaritan, and my life is ruined. ...Well, maybe just the ending of Mass Effect 3, but whatever.

-My real name is Tyler Stockton. Do not try to Google it. I've tried. None of the results even come close.

-Serious sci-fi geek. Books, movies, television shows- you name it, and I will probably watch it. Even if it's horrible. Especially if it's horrible. I'm kind of an ass like that.

-Aspiring animator. I have a long-standing hatred for Michael Eisner, who almost single-handedly rendered my dreams useless, and who is responsible for Disney's fall from grace in recent years.

-I have a deviantART account. It is terrible, mostly because I'm only recently updating it after a long hiatus.

-Deadpan Snarker to the end. Hope that won't offend you.

-One of my ancestors is Theodor Tobler. Maybe you've heard of him.

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