'''TheGiz''' is a troper hailing from Canada.

This troper is in his early twenties and enjoys many different genres of music, television, and film, including Anime. He studies engineering, but is also interested in video games, languages, sports, psychology, and acquiring general facts that many others find either useless or too inane to properly remember.

On weekdays, this troper works an engineering job in Toronto and reads, listens to jazz, or meets up with friends in the evening. Weekends are when this troper enjoys going out and spending time with friends in Downtown Toronto.

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'''This Troper provides examples of:'''
* {{Biggus Dickus}}: According to his ex-girlfriend and some other witnesses, like her [[MySisterIsOffLimits sister]]. This is usually the source of many a good story.
* {{Bi The Way}}: His ex-girlfriend. Slightly subverted in that it was never fully explicit to anyone else but her sister.
* {{Break the Haughty}}: Happened a few years ago as a result of a cheating ex-girlfriend. TheGiz has since recovered.
* {{Break Up to Make Up}}: Subverted in that it failed.
* {{Brilliant But Lazy}}
* {{Corrupt the Cutie}}: Constantly attempted this with his [[GirlNextDoor ex-girlfriend]].
* {{Deadpan Snarker}}
* {{Dungeonmasters Girlfriend}}: Double Subverted; his ex-girlfriend wanted nothing to do with his intense {{StarCraft}} discussions with friends.
* {{Evil Laugh}}: Apparently it's a good one, but he only does it in his sleep.
* {{Forgets to Eat}}: Done while playing video games.
* {{Functional Addict}}: If you count video game addiction, which isn't that bad. This troper has since given up video games and hasn't played in months.
* {{Genius Bruiser}}
* {{Heroic BSOD}}: As a result of a past break-up. IGotBetter
* {{Hates Being Touched}}
* {{The Hedonist}}
* {{Jerk With a Heart of Gold}}
* {{Lovable Sex Maniac}}
* {{A Lady on Each Arm}}: Happened once or twice, and pretty much this troper's dream situation.
* {{Missed Moment of Awesome}}: Once at a friend's party, this troper, his [[GirlNextDoor girlfriend]], and her [[HeroesWantRedHeads best friend]] agreed to have a threesome. Through gossip, everyone at the party became aware of the plan, which would have made this a {{Crowning Moment of Awesome}}. [[spoiler: Cue the friend throwing up and being forced to go home by the [[FutureLoser party host]], who was belligerent due to being permanently stuck in the girl's [[JustFriends Friend Zone]]]].
* {{Neat Freak}}
* {{No Sympathy}}
* {{Ridiculous Procrastinator}}
* {{Rule of Fun}}: How this troper operates.
* {{Sliding Scale of Anti Heroes}}: Type II
* {{Stepford Smiler}} [[spoiler: Regarding anything related to my ex-girlfriend, at least.]]
* {{Stoic Woobie}}: Oh so much, but don't ever expect me to admit it.
* {{Stop Having Fun Guys}}: This troper's ex-girlfriend ''became'' this trope, which pretty much caused the break-up.
* {{Tall Dark And Handsome}}
* {{Ubermensch}}