Tropers / The Electric Piper

e·lec·tric pip·er [ih-lek-trik pahy-per]


1. A bitter, bitter little man. - Roj's Brother, Reunion '97

2. An egomaniacal, self-loathing, amoral elitist. So, yeah, vermin. - Noeko-kun

3. A consummate nerd.

4. An occasional contributor to TV Tropes.

The Electric Piper is an deeply-depressed man currently eking out an extraordinarily dull existence somewhere in the bowels of the United States of America. The Electric Piper hates rap, loves videogames, and enjoys the occasional bit of anime. To the best of his knowledge, The Electric Piper does not suffer from Asperger's or any other such disorders; make of this what you will.

Tropes that apply to The Electric Piper include, but are not necessarily limited to: