Tropers / The Dysfunctional Family

—Everyone in the family. Everyone.

The Dysfunctional Family is a group of problematic students from Aberdeen, thrown together on account of being rejected by the rest of society for their sheer oddness. Three of the family have separate accounts on This Wiki due to their superior troping skills.

As of the time of writing, the family consists of Mum (the mum), Daddison (the dad), Mum II (the other mum), Doctor Buffy (the evil genius), Micheal William Guillaume John Macleod Fraser (the geek), Bubblepants (the funny one), Puddlefeet, Reuben (the not-American), Midget (the midget), Gerard (the medic), Susan (the addict), Angelina Ballerina (the physicist), Syphillis (the sexy deaf one), Scumdee (the Scumdonian), Chris "The Creepy Uncle", Fedora, Megatron, Murg, Da Man, Cat; and a few who ought to be members but lack a nickname, including Bryden, Iain, Lily, Jennifer, Mhairi and 'distant cousin' Eilidh. And also Clyde. And both Doctor Buffy and Bryden appear to have sentient hair which may or may not actually be in control of at least one of them.

Don't ask.

This Family contains examples of: