Tropers / The Cleave

"Is it okay for me to freak out now?"
—The Cleave after... well...

What is... or who is The Cleave? Well, he's The Cleave. He is the fan of comics, manga, anime, T.V., alternative music and magic all in a nutshell. So yeah...

Well, for a better understanding let's put it this way... Cloudcuckoolander.

More you ask? (Get off my case! No, really, you're standing right on it.)

Alright, I'm a fan of the Persona series, especially Persona 3 and Persona 4. So, as such, I'm a fan of RPGs and Dating Sims. Anymore? Okay, okay. I have a interest in manga/anime, my favorites being Neon Genesis Evangelion, Death Note, Genshiken, FLCL and Guyver... oh, and I like the webcomics XKCD, Penny Arcade and Questionable Content. My real passion, though, lies in comic books. Currently I'm trying to get a job at Image Comics.

I'm a fan of David Lynch, Alan Moore, and Grant Morrison among some neat others. Yes, I'm a fan of the Mind Fuck.

And here are things similar to my thoughts. Oh, and I'm a Yuri Fan. Surprised? Me too. Also could be a Talkative Loon. Oh, yes, and many find it strange that no matter the situation I seem to have a answer that is correct on some level. Also my actions cannot be answered with 'why' but only with 'why not'... at least, according to most. Meh.

Let's see... to continue I'm considered King of the Outcasts at my school, is attracted to Shrinking Violets and meganekkos (oh so very attracted), sometimes pulls Angst What Angsts because of severe childhood trauma and slow recovery of it. Oh, yes, and is a SEVERE case of Beware the Nice One. Usually considered (by myself and others) to be The Fool or the Magician. Also I'm a writer... and I am now responsible for making the Flex Mentallo page... and I'm writing the Science Fiction Slice of Life story called The Days Without Reason.

Other things that apply (based on evidence provided by friends):