Tropers / That Random Guy 42

What you have here is a bloke who loves to procrastinate. Seriously. I'm a big fan of various different franchises. In my gaming career I've run through Green Hill Zone enough times, traveled the wasteland, explored Rook Island and fought necromorphs. In reality, I'm an average guy with a bit of a bad temper, but I always try to help whenever possible.

I write some Fan Fiction but I won't dare link them here. Not saying their bad, but I don't wish to toot my own trumpet.

Tropes I think I occasionally provide examples of:

  • Large Ham: I edit dramatically. Often I put bold letters or italics in places where they aren't needed. In worse case scenarios, both, occasionally with a bit of CAPS LOCK as well. I feel bad for whoever has to edit my additions, thinking "Who let BRIAN BLESSED edit this article?"
    • In reality, I have my moments when with friends. I seem to recall shouting "That looks shit" at a movie trailer while at the cinema. Dick move? Yup. Regret it? Not really. Hammy? Maybe. I tend to become a ham in arguments as well.