Tropers / Thanas Rey

The door opens...

You've walked into a very strange room. There's pillows everywhere, mostly in the shapes of cupcakes and internet icons. The walls are brown- nay, chocolate brown, and decorated by various posters of baby animals and anime characters. You notice a tall girl of 13 years sitting in a papasan chair in the corner. "I didn't see you come in!" She says in a husky voice. "Now, I'm going to assume you've come here to find out various things about moi. This piece of paper should be enough." She folds the paper into a paper airplane and throws it at you. It reads:

"I assume this information will be good enough?" She stares at you for a few seconds, then breaks out into a smile and says, "Let's play some Fire Emblem! I need help with That One Level."

You plop down with the 13 year old girl to play some Radiant Dawn, when she happens to say "Of course, I have a few tropes I want to qualify for later on in my life. Here, I'll list them."

"And I heard people often do vandalism on others' pages, so please do so below. Thanks, and have a good day."

Yeah, you are a genderflipped version of me...There Are No Coincidences, as they always say. -Troperwithoutaname