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o hai!

You've reached the page for Hollister D., otherwise known as Holly, otherwise known as Temporary Life. I hail from the great city of Portland. Being that I never really watch television/movies anymore, I remain a lurker in the general populi of TV Tropes, but add examples when necessary, as this is generally preferable to creating new pages.

I am approximately on the same Woobie level as Dick from High Fidelity: that one guy that you know, or that guy your friend knows, who is never found without headphones, stalks the stacks of wax in your local record stores as though he is the Abraham van Helsing of records, and will almost definitely make you a copy of that new album he heard last week by this one band from Denton, TX.

Also, I'm very pleased by the thought of someone called "Vinyl Van Helsing." Write that down.

If you happen across me in my lurking and posting, say hello. I'm always up for a chat.