[[caption-width:256:"ORE NO NA WA ERAA DA..."]]
Hello world.

This is "The Sandwich of Doom" ("tehSandwich" is shorter and easier to use).

This troper comes from St-Boniface-de-Shawinigan (i.e. some random village),Québec,Canada and focuses on... whatever he touches on. (Mostly Video Games [especially Touhou] and Anime).

[[TheQuietOne Is usually quiet]].

Created the StickinAround page (a good chunk of my childhood after [[ReBoot ReBoot]]) and the {{KikiKaiKai}} page (Because... {{Miko}}s!). Hates potholes to the {{Understatement}} trope with a passion, he feels this is [[SinkHole pointless]] and unclever in most cases, [[CaptainObvious unnecessary]] in others.