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I'm the guy who's a jerk on Echo Chamber. And Iíve never had more fun in my life. Echo Chamber is my love letter to this website.

I have a BA in Creative Writing, which didn't exactly train me to write for a webshow. When I was learning in my classes, that was great. When I wasn't, I was learning here on TV Tropes.

I'm a lurker. Probably always will be. I like to think I contribute in my own way.

If you want to help with Echo Chamber, I canít make any promises, but Iím the person to PM.

I'm also open to constructive criticism. If there's something Tropers at large don't like about Echo Chamber, there's no reason it has to stay that way. My caveats here are:

1) I can't please everybody. (I can promise to try very hard, though.)

2) We film at least five weeks in advance, so not everything can be easily changed even if there's a consensus. And once something's posted, it's done.

Other crap I've made or worked on:

  • This Is Indian Territory, a mockumentary about a megalomaniacal summer camp play director. Written, shot, and edited in 48 hours. Won some awards. Then again, one of the awards was for the "choreography", so be careful how seriously you take that.

  • Danny Versus the Irtist, a short story about art and bullshitters. The story was published by Dossier, a literary journal. Available in the Spring 2011 edition.

  • In the Name of Science, a short story about a man who proposes that research be conducted to determine if ships float when they're put in the water upside-down. The short story is the rejection letter. It was published by The Oakland Review, a literary journal, in 2009. It's not available online, but copies can be ordered.

  • Question for the Salamanders that Live on a Side Street Off of Fifth Avenue, a poem about salamanders living in the middle of a city. It was published by The Oakland Review, a literary journal, in 2009. It's not available online, but copies can be ordered.

  • Moonrush, a documentary about a moon rover and the people who love it. I had the honor of working these shoots, although I can't claim it's my project.

  • Shaping Clay, a documentary about Bill Strickland, a man who saves kids' souls with clay. Though I worked on it as an intern, a volunteer, and lastly a contractor for two and a half years, the film will probably never be finished. There's simply no money.

  • Hold the Elevator, a play about three people trapped in an elevator with a loud Scotsman with no sense of personal space, and an irrelevant story for every occasion. Written, rehearsed, and performed in 24 hours, recorded in patented Blur-o-Vision. Won an award for best original play that year—against other plays that were written just as hastily.

  • Garbage Scow, an interactive fiction game where you play a dashing space pirate, in a world where garbage is money. This was one semester's work, and then I graduated, so it's more or less stuck in beta. Won an award despite its many inadequacies.

  • Back in Nam Guy, a standup routine featuring an original character. The technical quality isn't that great, the routine was for a niche audience, and I didn't expect it to be taped so I didn't even get off-book. Only reason it's here is cause a Troper noticed it and added it, and I feel like it's in the encyclopedic spirit of the Wiki to include even my Old Shame.

  • My Twitter account. Warning: it is a Twitter account, and therefore utterly useless.

I don't have a terribly high opinion of some of the things I've produced in the past. In Echo Chamber, Tom is portrayed as a depressingly mediocre writer, because being mediocre is one of the things I fear the most.

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