Tropers / Sweet Kagamine Kiss

Sweet Kagamine Kiss is a Fanfiction.Net author found here. He has written many stories, most of them being Vocaloid, Harry Potter, or Naruto related, but has also expanded into other Anime/Manga series or Games series such as Bleach, Mega Man or Metroid.

He tends to enjoy Original Character use when writing under Anime/Manga, Video Games, and Books categories, but always writes out a working profile to not fall into the category of Mary Sue or Gary Stu; such as the self-claimed alter-ego of himself and semi-known Original Character Sekai Ishtal.

Sekai is Japanese for World; it sounds fitting as his character Sekai appears in half of his Vocaloid and Naruto stories with varying backgrounds, and also appears in other fanfiction works by the author such as Bleach or Harry Potter. The last name Ishtal is a play or reflection on the goddess Ishtar; that might explain the character's many love interests across the fanfic multiverse.

Tropes that apply to the author: