How would I describe myself?

I would use words like Avant-guard, Raconteur, and Polymath...

...If I knew what those words meant.

Chances are if you see an entry w/ too many epilepsies, parentheses, or quotation marks... it's one of mine.

Fortunately, with the help of medication I can now resist the urge to [[{{Parabombing}} Parabomb]]⦠most of the time.

My hobbies include the occational ArchiveBinge reading 40+ web comics a day (when available 'cause, you know "SomeUpdatesMayVary") spending ''way'' too much time on this site and TheOtherWiki.

'''Strangehouse has launched the following pages:'''

*XanatosRaffle -- this was deleted before I could get past the "Disscuss Xanatos Raffle Here" page... probably a good idea as it was both redundant compared to XanatosRoulette and Xanatos has too many articles as it is
*CrowningMomentOfVillainy -- Again, too much overlap w/ CrowningMomentOfAwesome and RapeTheDog, and was taken down 2 days later.
The Following are just ideas, and have yet to write.
**SomeUpdatesMayVary -- soon to come
**DunDunDun! -- As soon as I'm positive this doesn't exist as a diferent title somewhere else.
**CrowningMomentOfSuck -- Man! I had better get to work on these.

'''Strangehouse has contributed to the following pages'''

*RagnaroofProofing -- Great article, but we really need to change the title.
*OohMeAccentsSlipping -- I had a lot of fun w/ this one.
*[[{{Oner}} Oner]]