Tropers / Stars!

Little is known for certain about this wandering knight errant. It is known that he started up Judd Winick, and began adding references to said author's disastrous handling of Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary and other DC Comics characters who deserve a lot better to other articles. Then he started poking around some of the other articles involving comics, web-comics and superheroes and... well, he's honestly become a bit of an addict since then.

It was he who added Trope Namer Phil Moscowitz to the Loveable Rogue entry and properly credited Jo Bob Briggs as the one most responsible promoting the phrase If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do. He is also a somewhat frequent contributor - both of complaints and solutions - to the Just Bugs Me page for Heroes. His favorite things include Conan the Barbarian, DC Comics, Doctor Who, Babylon 5 and MST3K. He's also an avid fantasy fan and knows more about the misogyny of Robert Jordan than anyone who couldn't get past the first thirty pages of The Eye of the World should thanks to some particularly bad Conan pastiches.

Nobody can say quite where he'll pop up. His habits right now include hitting the Random Item button and adding on to whatever articles take his fancy. Perhaps he'll create some more new pages in the future but for now he's still learning the ropes and taking in the whole of what is here, making sure that some of his ideas aren't already being done.

Currently, he is at work expanding upon The Riftwar Cycle and cross-linking to other articles where needed.