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Name: David Z.
Location: Texas
What I Do: Make stuff, Let's Play games, and theater tech.

Bio: Around 2005-2008, I started making really raunchy and bat-guano insane Garry's Mod comics, including a 70+ page whopper called "The Gmod Experience 1-3". Then I took a break for a while, became a writing tutor, a playwright, a theater lights/sound operator, and as of 2011, I do Touhou Project and Love Hina related Walfas videos, music, and more. Due to the nature of the videos I work on, I tend to voice a lot of girls, but I love doing it because it's fun. I love answering questions and teaching people how to make things, so feel free to ask me anything at any time.

Artistic Ideals: I believe in interaction with fans, immediate Word of God about trivia facts, and avoiding Artist Disillusionment. I believe that just one bad "fan" or a bad group of "fans" are not an appropriate excuse for Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things. Like the writers who hung out in Europe in the early 1900s, I believe in artists hanging out together, collaborating, and having as much fun as humanly possible. Above all these, I believe in passing on my knowledge about how to make these things: it's fun, insightful, and although I mostly do fanworks as a hobby, they teach you a lot about the creation process.

When I'm Not Making Videos: I write short stories and plays, I tutor writers (specifically fiction writers), I'm a stage actor, and I'm a freelance theater techie (specifically live scoring and sound effects). I also play a LOT of Arma II (specifically coop servers, but if I can find a low-latency CTI server, I'll play that, too). I also dabble in Let's Plays, but I'm still trying to improve my LP skills.

Current Troping Goals: As a new troper, my mission is stamp out mis-Potholed tropes, like Beyond the Impossible and Flat "What," for example. I hope to save commonly-used tropes from the Permanent Red Link Club by stopping reckless potholing.

More Trivia Facts: I own roughly 110+ books. More than half are non-fiction and a third of the collection is on writing. My favorite book on writing is Story by Robert McKee. My favorite book on relationships is The Relationship Cure by John M. Gottman, Ph.D. My favorite book on self-help is Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins. I also study Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Neuro-Associative Conditioning (an offshoot of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy's black sheep cousin Neuro-Linguistic Programming, developed by Anthony Robbins to address NLP's shortcomings) for both myself and to help others. Although I am interested in Japan (I can speak a little Japanese, I study the culture, and I've eaten at a teppan-yaki restaurant every birthday since I was five), I am not an anime geek. I can play just about any instrument, but I'm better at composing.

You can view my Youtube channel here.
On weekends, I will make/play stuff on Ustream. You can view that here.

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