Hello and good day!

I'm Sparky Lurkdragon, and I enjoy videogames, writing, and other such artistic endeavors!

I have a [[http://sparkylurkdragon.tumblr.com Tumblr]], [[http://twitter.com/#!/sparky_ld Twitter]], and [[http://www.backloggery.com/sparkylurkdragon Backloggery]]! Come say hi!

[[WMG:Works I monitor and/or have entry pimped!]]
If I watch it, odds are I watch the subpages, too. I'm quite an Epileptic Tree cultivator!

* EccoTheDolphin '''(Original writeup)'''
* RaptorRed '''(Original writeup)'''
* VirtualHorseRanch '''(Original writeup)'''
* EndlessOcean (Well, Blue World, anyway.)
* PokemonMysteryDungeon
* The [[HeyYouPikachu cute]] [[PokemonChannel Pikachu]] [[PokeParkWii games]]
* PokemonBlackAndWhite
* SkiesOfArcadia
* SpiritStallionOfTheCimarron
* {{ICO}}
* ShadowOfTheColossus
* TheLegendOfZelda
* LostInShadow

[[WMG:Tropes I watch!]]
* AmericanKirbyIsHardcore - YKTTW'd
* {{Xenofiction}} - YKTTW'd
* SurpriseCreepy - YKTTW'd
* ADogNamedDog - YKTTW'd

[[WMG:Tropes that might/do apply to me!]]
* {{Asexuality}}: Your kink is not my kink and that's okay! I happen to lack a kink for sex in general, is all.
* IKnowYourTrueName: I have an extreme weakness to this trope in fiction, and I apply it to my Internet life.
* MyNameIsNotDurwood: Search engines constantly ask if I meant "Sparky Luck Dragon", and this has happened on fora at times, too. My real name gets this, too, being confusingly French.

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* Greetings, Sparky. I hope that you're having a wonderful day, no matter what day it actually is. @/EndarkCuli