Tropers: Sovereign GFC

Oh crap, my handle showed up so I have to make a page for myself.

Works may be found on FF.net. Summaries pasted here for those who dislike clicking links.

Space Toilets - The afterlife, as seen by Mass Effect x Harry Potter. CRACK! T for a few swears. Complete one-shot.

Breach - Neytiri is transported to Earth as we know it, circa 2010. Inspired by a discussion on an Avatar-related forum. Incomplete, not abandoned per-se but due to being unable to decide exactly where to take the writing, on long-term hiatus.

Untitled Star Wars x Mass Effect - NOT posted on FF.net; if completed would be posted in one shot as a complete work (most likely). The galaxy of Jedi and Sith colonizes dozens of other galaxies, bumping into a portion of space covered in Mass Relays. Assumes that SW/ME take place in the same physical universe, but are vastly separated.