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Oh crap, my handle showed up so I have to make a page for myself.

Works may be found on Summaries pasted here for those who dislike clicking links. No, none of these have been beta-read.

WARNING: None of these pages have been properly spoiler-tagged! Also, it's not likely I will finish Troping my own works. If anyone feels the need, go right ahead and do it.

Fractured - Completed crossover between Mass Effect and far-own-future Star Wars plus Borderlands—note anything relating to this reveal is not spoiler-tagged on the page for the work!.

Origins - Completed sequel to Fractured that by its very nature has to Retcon some previously-established fanon things in order to work as continuation beyond Fractured wasn't originally planned. Explores the "Why" of Fractured, hence the name. Brings in a Massive Multiplayer Crossover involving Star Wars, Mass Effect, Borderlands, and Halo.

Frontier - Completed final installment of what has become a trilogy (Fractured, Origins and this). The Reapers have had their butts kicked, the Flood is on its last legs, and Shepard's team has a powerful new asset. But the Trans-Galactic Republic, the source of much wondrous technology, is not well...

Heroes Of The Desk - I had a random thought chatting with friends: What if something like The Indian in the Cupboard applied to my 14-inch 3D printed Heroes of the Storm figurines? Will be updated when ideas come, so no set schedule. Not a self-insert either, the human "player" is as much of a AFGNCAN as I can write. Now completed!

Unfrozen - An unrelated (to the previous) Frozen work that asks what would happen if magic brought Elsa and Anna to Real Life shortly after the film's 2013 release.

My Hunt Continues - Now-resumed Diablo 3/Doom crossover. The Nephalem have lost, but wake up in a world where some things (demons) stayed the same...(or quite possibly got worse!)

Space Toilets - The afterlife, as seen by Mass Effect x Harry Potter. CRACK! T for a few swears. Complete one-shot.

Breach - Neytiri is transported to Earth as we know it, circa 2010. Inspired by a discussion on an Avatar-related forum. Incomplete, no future updates planned.