Tropers / Sorain

Describe Sorain here. A Fragment of personality of the actual person who lives In Real Life. Begain as a {{D&D}} charicter whos psycology was so over built by the Troper in question that it effectivly made him have a second personality. more then a bit of becoming the mask later I find myself useing/abusing the name all across the internet as a cetch all for me who is not me. Created in the same {{D&D}} campagin as Crazael, and still on good terms with that troper.

Describe the actual troper here. Ran into the Wiki in 2006 or so, and found it good, if rather prone to sucking up your life. read much of it, and enjoyed, contributed to the greater glory of Unknown Troper at one point. Prompted to actually make an indent here by the lack of a great example of authority equals asskicking being on the page. Friend of Crazael. ()