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Tropers: Solarn
I am, quite possibly, the worst kind of troper in the world. I edit inconsistently and with a mind towards trivia, intricate detail and factual perfection, rather than clarity and wit. I abhor standards and reminisce about a time when Boisterous Bruiser was The Toblerone, the Xanatos Funeral and the Thanatos Gambit were two very distinct tropes and every Moment had a Crown. I believe that there are people in the world who deserve to only be talked about it a heavily opinionated way, whether that opinion be positive or negative. I don't participate in discussions about the site, preferring to keep my editing to myself and myself only.

With that said, I don't edit out of spite (except for that one time), to force my opinion on a certain trope or example, or to natter, and trivia can be quite useful in some cases.

Just don't ask me about trying to appeal to a wider audience.

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