!Team Midnight


!!Amber Rockwell / "???"

* GenkiGirl: Like her mother, Gardenia.
* InTheBlood: Dreams of being a Midnight soldier like her parents and grandfather.

!!Conway Solista / "Shadow Rush"

Nando's adopted son, a fourth-grade student at Opelucid Academy and TeenGenius in the making. The newest to join the ranks of Team Midnight under the codename Shadow Rush.

* CannotSpitItOut: Can't admit he likes Dawn to her face.
* ChildProdigy: Studying algebra and cybernetics at the age of 10.
* ForWantOfANail: In this universe, he doesn't have a Slowking because he lives in a really small apartment where large Pokémon are not allowed. Nando got him an Espurr instead.
* HappilyAdopted: He figured it out when he was eight.
* HeroicLineage: His birth parents are [[spoiler:Sabrina and Lucian]].
* MindOverMatter: Has had psychic powers from birth, and a lot of time to practice them.
* StealthHiBye: Just like in canon, he use this frequently to scare Dawn. It doesn't work on Nando, though.
* WackyParentSeriousChild: Inverted -- between him and Nando, he's more likely to do silly things, like practice his EvilLaugh while designing a cybernetic arm.

!!Dawn Platina / "Morning Star"

A fourth-grade student in Nando's music class (and the object of Conway's affections), who works undercover as the superheroine Morning Star. Her chosen Poké Bond is with Togekiss.

* ActionGirl: A ten-year-old MagicalGirl and worthy heroine in her own right.
* [[BashBrothers Bash Sisters]]: With Kitty Glide (Zoey).
* CoolCrown: Her Morning Star getup includes a tiara.
* HowDoIShotWeb: When she gets her wings, it takes her a while to figure out how to get into the air and ''stay'' there.
* MagicalGirl: Her superhero outfit invokes this trope, complete with catchphrase and cute Pokémon mascot.
* NoSell: Immune to Dragon.
* OurFairiesAreDifferent: A superhero angel princess!
* WingedHumanoid: White, angel-like wings as a result of bonding with Togekiss.

!!Zoey Leijon / "Kitty Glide"

Eighth-grade student at Opelucid Academy and superheroine Kitty Glide. Her chosen Poké Bond is with Glameow.

* ActionGirl: Veteran member of Team Midnight at age 14.
* [[BashBrothers Bash Sisters]]: Together, she and Morning Star (Dawn) are ready to face any danger.
* CatGirl: More action-oriented than most, but no less {{Badass}} for it.
* GirlWithPsychoWeapon: When she's out of options, she busts out her trusty flintlock pistols.
* InASingleBound: She can leap higher than Dawn can fly.
* NoSell: Ghost moves don't work on her, as Phantom Dart found out the hard way.
* ShoutOut: Her last name is a reference to ''{{Homestuck}}'s'' Nepeta Leijon, and her superheroine alias is a take-off (pardon the pun) of [[XMen Kitty Pryde.]] Besides that, her characterization takes multiple cues from [[PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Mami Tomoe]], being a CoolBigSis to an aspiring magical girl.
* WolverineClaws: As befits a superheroine CatGirl.



!!Nando Solista / "Supersonic"

Opelucid Academy's music teacher who leads a double life working for superhero agency Team Midnight. Unlike the other Midnights, he has "natural" superpowers that result from a twisted science experiment performed on him by Left Hand when he was a teenager.

* BlessedWithSuck: Having telekinesis, flight (eventually), MysteriousAnimalSenses, and what is essentially a giant sword for an arm would be awesome...''without'' the BodyHorror that comes from being merged with three Bug-type Pokémon at once.
* {{Bishonen}}: Palmer teases him mercilessly for being "the prettiest half-bug boy who ever lived".
* CoolTeacher: Superhero teacher in the house.
* CuteMonsterGuy: Despite his...deformities, he grows up to be quite handsome as an adult.
* FashionableAsymmetry: One regular arm, one Kricketune scythe. One metal leg, one Scyther leg. One missing eye, one Butterfree compound eye (that he keeps hidden under his hair).
* FriendToBugs: Well, he ''is'' part bug, so naturally he enjoys the company of Bug Pokémon. He even jokes that he understands bugs better than people.
* [[GoodParents Good Father]]: He dearly loves Conway, even if he doesn't always understand him.
* HypercompetentSidekick: When he and Roark were teenagers, Nando generally played the voice of reason for him.
* TheInsomniac: Rarely sleeps more than five hours at a time thanks to working the superhero night-shift.
* PsychicPowers: Telekinesis, though not as strong as Conway's.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: His compound eye is bright red. Subverted as he's actually a sweet and friendly person.
* SophisticatedAsHell: Frequently lapses into this when annoyed.
* SweetTooth: He slathers nearly everything he eats in honey.
* WingsDoNothing: Nando has a pair of small vestigial wings that don't do much more than make an annoying buzzing noise when he's irritated (and because of this, he keeps them strapped down). [[spoiler:When he "evolves", they expand into full-blown butterfly wings.]]

!!Roark Rockwell

!!Byron Rockwell

!!Gardenia Rockwell

!!Riley Adamas


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!!Drayden ?????

* MyGreatestFailure: Failing to prevent the schism of Void and the ensuing war that took the lives of hundreds of civilians.
* RetiredBadass: Cynthia runs the Midnights now.




A Laurie Halse Anderson novel penned in 2009 that is often seen as a successor to her previous work, ''Speak,'' ''Wintergirls'' is a story about loss, internal conflict, self-image, and guilt.

Our heroine Lia is a high school senior who has just learned that her ex-best friend Cassie was found dead in a motel room, having starved herself to death through anorexia. Lia, herself suffering from the same disorder, slowly pieces together the truth about their former friendship as she struggles with her divorced parents, her own desire to be thin, and the role she may have played in Cassie's death, as Cassie attempted to call her the night she died, but Lia was so angry at her she refused to pick up the phone.

As her weight -- and her self-esteem -- continue to sink, she finds herself surrounded by temptations to return to a normal life and reminders that what she is doing is hurting not only herself, but her family, who love her and don't want to see her suffer. The question is: she can get better, but does she ''want'' to?

!!''Wintergirls'' provides examples of:

* ArcWords:
** "When I was a real girl..."
** "The first/second/third time they admitted me..."
** "...body found in a motel room, alone..."
** "She called me thirty-three times."
* BrokenRecord: The entirety of Chapter 40 is simply Lia repeating, "Must. Not. Eat." for two solid pages, with the last one in bold.
* CheerfulChild: Emma, Lia's younger stepsister, an energetic and fun-loving girl who can be accurately described as a well of infectious happiness. She's the only person who can make Lia happy.
* CoolBigSis: For all her other flaws, Lia can safely be called an amazing older sister.
* HeroicSelfDeprecation: Every other page has Lia calling herself stupid, ugly, or fat. Sadly, this is TruthInTelevision for many anorexics.
* IAmNotPretty: Lia, Lia, Lia.
* ThroughTheEyesOfMadness: Lia sees hallucinations of Cassie everywhere she goes -- in the cafeteria, at the pharmacy, in the hospital ambulance...
* WeUsedToBeFriends: During her downward spiral, Cassie decided that Lia was the cause of all her problems and pushed her out of her life for good.
-->"When school started, she looked right through me in the halls, her new friends draped around her neck like Mardi Gras necklaces. ''She wiped me off the face of her existence."''
* YourCheatingHeart: Why Lia's parents are no longer together.
-->"Jennifer is not the reason my parents got divorced. The reason was named Amber, and before her Whitney, and before her Jill and the others."