!!House Pierrot

One of the five Knighthoods of Sinnoh, and the main focus characters of the series.

* AnimalMotifs: Their mascot is a Steelix, strong-willed and strong-bodied.
* ArchEnemy: To put it bluntly, they are ''not'' fond of House Tantibus, who they view as smug elitists at best and borderline CardCarryingVillain[=s=] at worst.
* BullyHunter: They live and breathe this trope.
* {{Expy}}: Of [[Literature/HarryPotter Gryffindor House,]] as the heroic brotherhood with a reputation for chivalry and bravery.
* IdiotHero: A common saying used both affectionately and mockingly goes, "A Pierrot's heart is bigger than his brain."
* KnightInShiningArmor: They have the look, the skill, the title, and the ideology.