!!HoYay -- ''Firefly Moon''

!!!Nando and Tobias

The two of them share a mentor-student relationship and are unusually close, helped by Tobias' lack of children and Nando's issues with his own parents, causing them to latch on to each other as [[LivingEmotionalCrutch Living Emotional Crutches]].

* Nando hero-worships Tobias and has since he was very young. He was ecstatic when he was chosen to be Tobias' apprentice, and often cites that moment in the happiest in his life. He is extremely loyal to Tobias, carries out his orders with considerable enthusiasm, and adopts many of his mentor's philosophies as his own.
* Tobias maintains a cold and aloof exterior when dealing with most people, but does not act this way around Nando, not even showing irritation at the way his apprentice worships him. Indeed, he displays a subtle level of warmth and affection toward Nando [[MoralityPet that he does not show to anyone else.]] He is also extremely protective of him, and will not hesitate to resort to violent means if he suspects that Nando is in danger from an outside party.
** An example of the latter: When Nando was 12, he was mugged by a gang of teenagers, who beat him up and stole his Pokémon. Tobias personally hunted them down by having Darkrai infiltrate their dreams, went to their homes, took the Pokémon back, and then proceeded to MindRape the teenagers by inflicting horrible nightmares on them every single night for ''two years,'' until they all went completely insane and had to be committed to psychiatric hospitals. Yikes.