Tropers / Sky Blue

Note: This is the page for the troper calling himself Sky Blue. There is also a film called Sky Blue. Sorry about the confusion. If you got to this page from another link expecting to find the film, edit the link to say "Film/SkyBlue" instead of just SkyBlue.

Sky Blue is a computer programmer, fantasy/sci-fi fan, and all-around geek. A former roommate ruined his life introduced him to TV Tropes, and the rest is history. He tends to edit tropes to add new examples rather than create existing tropes, because pretty much every trope he's ever noticed already has a page here.

Due to reading so much as a kid and having a visual learning style, spelling and grammatical errors tend to jump off the page (or screen) at him and grate on his nerves, so he has some definite Grammar Nazi leanings. He has made at least one edit (and probably several) just to correct grammar and/or punctuation on a TV Tropes example page. (Reading the Grammar Nazi page itself, as a matter of fact, was almost painful for him, and he had to deliberately restrain himself from reaching for the "Edit Page" button). But he has a couple of friends who are dyslexic, so he's learned that many people just can't help misspelling words, and one shouldn't be a Jerk Ass about it. Thus, instead of leaving snarky comments in the Talk page, he'll simply make a quiet edit to fix the broken grammar, and leave the example page ever-so-slightly better than how he found it. (OK, most of the time; he admits to leaving at least one snarky comment in the edit reason in the past.)

He has a tendency to over-use parentheses (no, really??). He's also finding it very odd to be talking about himself in the third person, so he's going to wrap this page up and (try to) get back to work.